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Last Updated: April 10th, 2018

What is really important to learn about about forgiveness? Is it really important in life?

Answers: 3 | Last Answer: April 10th, 2018

Is forgiving another person just forgetting or letting go of anger?

Answers: 6 | Last Answer: April 7th, 2018

I am trying to forgive this guy that I have been with off and on for almost 6 years for what he has done to me, I still love him with all my heart, but I how can I learn to forgive him?

Answers: 7 | Last Answer: April 3rd, 2018

What's the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation?

Answers: 2 | Last Answer: April 2nd, 2018

What do you believe are the most important elements of the forgiveness process?

Answers: 3 | Last Answer: April 2nd, 2018

How do we forgive those who oppose us and do not hold us in high regard if we are not highly religious?

Answers: 1 | Last Answer: March 27th, 2018

One thing I can't stand is lie. My best friend was dishonest with me. Moreover, she doesn't even try to keep contact with me. How do I forgive her? Is it really possible?

Answers: 1 | Last Answer: March 26th, 2018

Can you forgive someone and still protect yourself from them hurting you again?

Answers: 3 | Last Answer: March 26th, 2018

How do I let go of the feelings of being a victim and start living my life again?

Answers: 5 | Last Answer: March 26th, 2018

How do you define forgiveness? Is there other meanings then just one?

Answers: 3 | Last Answer: March 13th, 2018

I payed a harmless telephone prank almost a month ago, friend still won't talk to me. Should I give up on them?

Answers: 1 | Last Answer: March 5th, 2018

Should i tell my girlfriend i cheated ?

Answers: 1 | Last Answer: February 27th, 2018

What is the most common misconception about forgiveness?

Answers: 2 | Last Answer: February 8th, 2018

How do I release the past mistakes I made and stop blaming myself?

Answers: 11 | Last Answer: February 6th, 2018

I have a lot of bitterness to those who hurt me. How can I possible forgive them?

Answers: 1 | Last Answer: February 5th, 2018

Why do you think people are content to wallow in self-pity when the release of forgiveness is available?

Answers: 1 | Last Answer: January 30th, 2018

How do we forgive people that mislead us maybe intentionally or by accident?

Answers: 3 | Last Answer: January 29th, 2018

If God will always forgive us, why do we need to even ask for His forgiveness?

Answers: 4 | Last Answer: January 22nd, 2018

How do I come to terms with things that other countries do to people?

Answers: 5 | Last Answer: January 8th, 2018

How can I deal with my flaws that keep getting me into trouble?

Answers: 1 | Last Answer: December 12th, 2017

Why do I so easily forgive others but have such a hard time forgiving myself?

Answers: 2 | Last Answer: November 30th, 2017

How do we forgive people that do not even know us personally but hate us or what we represent?

Answers: 3 | Last Answer: May 7th, 2017

How can I forgive someone who is still hurting me?

Answers: 1 | Last Answer: March 4th, 2017

How to make up with your friend after you are the girl who her recent ex cheated on with?

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Should I help someone who hurt me and bad mouthed me in the past? I went into depression due to this person's actions

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I just messed up my friend's relationship with her bf because i too concerned about their relationship and advice my friend but in the wrong way until i made a scars in her heart.Am i wrong?

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What to do if I lied about something between me and a girl and how to deal with the perceptions that people have of me because of it?

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how do I behave with a person who was a friend but verbally rude to me and I ended up crying in front of everyone?

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Is a certain reaction to hurt or offensive feelings in my life an attempt to seek revenge? Or is it a start of forgiving?

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A group I'm in gave up on someone I care about and forced him to quit. I feel like I failed him for not intervening earlier. This meant so much to him. How can I forgive myself?

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My boyfriend told me that he cheated on his ex. I want to trust him that he will not do that to me. Any advice?

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Why the man I love hurts me so bad?

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What suggestions do you have for people who are trying to forgive someone?

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Is getting revenge or wounding my offender part of the forgiving? Would that bring me peace, or only add to my pain as a victim? I want them to have pain before I forgive-is this right?

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