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How do I stop my emotions from becoming too overwhelming?

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018 at 11:45am
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Alex DS Ellis, MA, LMFT

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Feeling depressed or anxious can be so overwhelming. I want to help you feel better and be able to enjoy life. You are not alone and you deserve emotional support.

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April 21st, 2015 5:44pm
Focus on the moment and live in it. The past cannot be changed, only learned from and the future failures may be experiences that direct you to another, more suitable path. Yes, this is one of the hardest things to learn how to do, but if you can live in the moment, it does help. It makes emotions easier to process when you focus on the current time and not worry so much about the past or future.
March 3rd, 2015 10:58pm
To stop my emotions from becoming too overwhelming I have to stop and take a breather and just relax. Think about how I'm feeling and what made me feel this way. Think of possible solutions to overcome my feelings.
March 16th, 2015 7:09pm
sometimes, i do yoga to keep myself calm or even do my breathing exercises to bring down my anxiety levels! I also make sure to map out the things that stress me out the most, and reward myself for completing them whenever i do!
May 4th, 2015 4:01pm
It is important to take time to relax and find a way of expressing these emotions. is a guide on managing emotions that might help.
May 22nd, 2015 2:15pm
A long time I tried to push negative feelings away. But there are no negative emotions there a just unpleasant one. I learned to embrace all emotions to welcome them and to accept them.
June 5th, 2015 8:56am
By listening to them. When our emotions become too overwhelming we try to ignore them, thinking if we ignore them, they will go away, but they don't. Listen to what your internal voice is trying to tell you.
June 7th, 2015 7:02pm
Breathe through it. Remember you have felt this way before. You have survived these feelings before and you will survive them again, because they will pass. I find it helpful to recognize and acknowledge the feeling, to let it be with you for a moment, and then simply to let it move on. At a certain point, if the emotions continue to overwhelm you and don't seem to be moving through their course, you may find it useful to reach out to a friend or family member or to write in a journal in order to direct those feelings out of your head and into the world.
July 28th, 2015 10:13am
Listen to music - music can directly impact your mood, so listen to uplifting or upbeat music, and avoid depressing/heavy music such as emo, screamo and metal. Writing in a journal helps to express and sort emotions. Hobby - Do a hobby you enjoy or think you'll enjoy. Immerse yourself in it. It doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. As long as it's interesting it will serve the purpose.
September 7th, 2015 7:13am
I try to accept those emotions first, so I can cope with them in a healthier way. Breathing also helps to keep me grounded. I try to see the bigger picture, and more often than not I find myself dwelling in the past or afraid of what's yet to come...Switching my focus to the present really helps me overcome those emotions. Sometimes I try to express those emotions by writing them down. It's beneficial in the process of releasing them, and it also helps me notice if there's certain patterns or cycles that I need to break.
November 16th, 2015 1:50am
Get back to the basics. Look at the situation and consider whether you are making it larger than it really is. Take a few moments to just close your eyes and breathe. Think of happy or comforting thoughts. Practice maybe trying to see yourself from a different perspective?
December 29th, 2015 11:50am
Some of the practical techniques that are helpful includes; 1) Biting the tip of the tongue gently to control smile 2)Drinking a sip of water to control laughter
May 2nd, 2016 6:43pm
Taking a step back and deep breaths help. Steadying yourself physically, will help emotionally as well. Distractions such as reading, drawing, playing games etc, all help to reduce the negative emotions. Being outside and surrounding yourself with friends/loved ones of your choosing can help steady your emotions and help you feel more relaxed and in control.
- Expert in Managing Emotions
May 16th, 2016 2:01am
Its not about stopping the emotions. More like how to deal with them. The idea is to give yourself space and time to do so.
September 13th, 2016 7:10am
You can think about why you are having said emotions. Take a break - such as doing a small yet beneficially breathing exercise. While counting to 10, breathe in and out slowly for each number you count.
November 28th, 2017 7:24am
Sometimes it's helpful for me to imagine my emotions as a storm in the sky, when you're sucked into the middle of them - it feels like its all encompassing and overwhelming. But once you remember your experience is that you are the entire sky - the clouds and storm is just moving through you - then it helps give a bit of breathing room to start to relax and watch the storm roll off, or start picking apart what might be making me so stormy presently.
June 5th, 2018 6:23am
You think about them sure, but try and get a more positive light on them if you can. Otherwise try and ignore them from your life if they are stopping you from moving forwards, create new emotions to help distract yourself and you can even do that on your own, make yur own memories and projcts to start feelin different about the thing you found so overwhelming. (:
September 18th, 2018 11:45am
Every time you feel that your emotions might overwhelm you soon, stop, close your eyes if you can and breathe deeply. Try not to think about anything. Count 10 breathes in&out and then open your eyes and continue with your life. Sometimes what we need is to clear our mind, give it some time, and stop thinking for a moment. Overthinking usually contributes a lot into situations when ourt emotions seem overwhelming to us. We are thinking about every aspect that influences us so much we make it enormous and complicated. Stop the thoughts for a while. It can give you a new perspective and a new point of view. :)