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How do I make friends as an adult when I'm home-bound due to agoraphobia?

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Last Updated: 10/23/2018 at 2:01pm
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Kristin Noyes, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Depression and anxiety can feel overwhelming even on the best of days. I believe in helping clients understand these disorders and help them to reduce and manage symptoms.

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May 15th, 2017 1:42pm
I personally have found online friendships easier in tough times similar your situation. Perhaps later in life, baby step by baby step, you're able to overcome your phobia and be able to step outside your comfort zone. Agoraphobia is common, and you're not "destined" to be lonely forever for having those struggles in adulthood. Wish you the best :)
October 23rd, 2018 2:01pm
I am one who deals with Agoraphobia !! Most of my life I have dealt with agoraphobia. I still have met people when I was able to go out or my old friends and also Online !! I have met some amazing friends online and they have been right with me showing me moral support because they do understand how anxiety works. First work on ways to deal with your agoraphobia and that may mean facing the fears and getting out a little bit everyday, slowly take baby steps , you can using coping skills which is what I did and also using sites like this and all the research you can possibly find on how to deal with your agoraphobia. Once you are out and feeling better you can go places and meet new people. The internet is a good place as long as you know that it is the internet so please be safe about that .. Also your social media see if you can find old friends or family and start chatting with them , One thing also don't let the internet be your safe place , your crutch it can be addictive and keep you from not getting up and out.
June 17th, 2017 10:41pm
It must be really hard to make friends when your phobia prevents you from leaving the house. The internet is your friend! I've made some pretty good, long lasting friends online (especially from here!). I'd suggest checking out some online forums related to your interests and hobbies. For me, I'm currently learning to read tarot, so I joined a tarot forum to learn and meet people. You could also see if there are forums for people who are in the same situation as you if you're interested in that. Making deep, true, friendships online can be hard, but it's definitely possible. Also, if you have even one acquaintance or friend, you could try inviting people over if that is something that you are comfortable with, Maybe a friend and then one of their friends might be okay for you to have in your house, and then you could have a game or movie night and get to know each other. I'm sure you can do it- you just have to get a little creative!
March 26th, 2018 11:46pm
If your home bound due to agoraphobia you can set yourself little goals for the week, that can help you open up to making new friends or jolting down one thing you want accomplished within today.
April 10th, 2018 8:20am
One way to combat the fear and isolation caused by social anxiety is to find ways of meeting others who understand what you are going through. This can be accomplished in a number , one of them includes therapy . Stay close to your trusty ones . A second method of meeting new people is to join one of the many support groups on-line created especially for those who suffer from social anxiety. For those of us who have social anxiety, the Internet can feel like a much safer venue to talk to people , i mean look forward for social sites. Be confident and relaxed . The group chat rooms here provide you a free space to open up. In the end it's all you . You are one to expell your lonliness:)