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Trauma Support: Discussion & Forum

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The Trauma Support Community aims to provide a safe, empowering, inclusive, supportive & proactive community for survivors of trauma to have the opportunity to begin healing from their experiences, in a nonjudgmental environment through support sessions and posts. The Trauma Support Community, with all its listeners and members aims to help spread awareness of trauma and its impact on individuals' lives while validating the members of this community, reducing the isolation many feel. Welcome, friends, to the Trauma Support Community at 7 Cups of Tea.

We hope you come to feel your community is safe and supportive for you.  smiley

*No graphic, in depth abuse/trauma descriptions or pictures which could be triggering for others* - In forums, open chat and trauma support sessions

Teen Trauma Recovery Corner is for those aged under 18 only & for adult teen listeners only from the Trauma Community.  Guidelines as above apply to the Teen Section


Trauma Sub Community Anthem by WaterLily16


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

by @ASilentObserver April 6th
2 days ago

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Community Guidelines

These are the Traumatic Experiences Community Guidelines, which have been drawn up in addition to the 7cups main guidelines and are specific for the Trauma Support community:

*To uphold and comply with the 7 Cups main guidelines*

*Respect for everyone, members and listeners alike*

*Do not discourage/be unsupportive/blame/judge one another for their past*

*No graphic, in depth descriptions or pictures which could be triggering for others* - In forums, open chat and support session

*Please always add a trigger warning if you believe your thread could be potentially triggering/harmful to those who have suffered traumatic experiences*

*Cursing not permitted and must be asterisked.  It is fine to vent and to express appropriate anger but as curse words have often be used during abusive and traumatic experiences, we ask members and listeners to asterisk abusive/curse words to avoid triggering and upsetting members where possible and to maintain a respectful environment and to encourage positive and healthy expression of anger.

*Forums postings made by listeners and members should be transparent, made in english and should not be blocked out using colouring to disguise content of wording/messages sent between members/listeners, to maintain the safety of all users of the trauma sub community and to ensure all rules are being complied with*

*Everyone is unique and their experiences are individual to them.  Everyone’s experiences and how they think and feel about these are valid .Everyone reacts to traumatic experiences differently.  This will be respected and appreciated without judgement*

*Teen Trauma Recovery Corner* is for those aged under 18yrs of age only.  Only Adult Teen Listeners on the Trauma Community are permitted to respond to the Teen posts in this forum section.

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