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Is it normal to feel scared to go to college?

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Last Updated: 08/24/2021 at 11:42am
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December 22nd, 2016 12:22am
Of course. It would be the same as if you were nervous about going to high school for the first time. Trying new things can indeed be nerve racking, but college is more free flow. So enjoy the new experience while you can.
December 29th, 2016 3:20pm
Yes! College is a big step from high school. There are changes and it takes some to get used to that. You are forced to change your comfort zone.
February 5th, 2017 12:18pm
Sometimes we can all feel nervous especially when we first start out at something, once we are in a regular routine things start to become easier. If you're still feeling socially anxious once you've been in college for awhile then it's good to asses why that might be.
February 5th, 2017 2:05pm
Of course it is! It is a totally normal feeling! You are starting a new stage in your life and its something new! Just keep on holding on, do your best, have fun and you will do just great! :)
February 8th, 2017 1:14am
Absolutely! College is a huge step into making your way into the adult world and working towards building your career. It's exciting but can also be scary. You're one step closer into being in the adult world and working towards something you can be proud of so it definitely pays off!
February 10th, 2017 9:04pm
It's very normal. College is a lot of time and responsibility . It's a major life decision to continue your education but it can be the most rewarding decision you ever make!
February 12th, 2017 4:14pm
Yes, college is a big step in life. College comes with responsibilities and decision making. It is absolutely normal to feel scared to go to college.
February 26th, 2017 2:17am
Absolutely! Any change can be scary but once you get used to it, it will get a lot easier. You got this!
March 2nd, 2017 8:04am
Of course! Going to a new school and moving into a new environment is always a daunting experience because you're not familiar with the surroundings or the people in that area. Keeping yourself busy with activities is a very effective way of dealing with anxiety because an idle mind creates an avenue for overthinking and panic attacks.
March 11th, 2017 8:04pm
Yes, of course! Seeing people that you have never met before scared me. First impressions were crucial. But I realised that being yourself is the most important part. I know you must have heard that a few times. It is true though. Be genuine to people and you will have amazing friends. Don't get too scared about college though. It will be less nervewracking than you build it up to be.
March 17th, 2017 10:21pm
It is completely normal to feel that way. At this point in your life, you completely transform and shape your future. You will meet people from different cultures and backgrounds and this should excite you. explore. work hard and socialize. find the people you fit in with. do things that make you happy. don't be anxious and scared, things at college will be just fine. best of luck and have a great time:)
March 22nd, 2017 1:49am
This is completely normal. Most people are nervous about college at one point or another. It's a big step in life. If your major is something you feel passionate about, then I believe in you. Just take some deep breaths and keep moving forward. Good Luck!
March 25th, 2017 2:58pm
I believe so! College is usually the barrier between being a child and becoming an independent adult. We usually have to make big decisions that will impact the rest of our lifes, and it's generally a time when we move in by ourselves and meet other people outside our circle of high school friends.
March 31st, 2017 8:08pm
Yes! A new environment can be scary! Once you are there, you will find your way. You will find how you fit in. Also being open will help you integrate yourself. Remember, a lot of people are there for different reasons. If you want to meet others and you study, go to their library.
April 1st, 2017 5:18am
This is absolutely normal. College is a huge step and a completely new experience, especially if you are going to live on campus. Perhaps you can talk to your family, friends, or school counsellors about your fears. It can also help to attend any open houses your future college may have to become more familiar with the idea of going. Just remember to stay positive. You will adjust. Good luck!
April 6th, 2017 6:00pm
Yes. I still have a year of high school left, but I can already feel the anxiety kicking in since I'm picking colleges and whatnot. It's quite a significant change, both in the way you learn and the way you live, if you're going abroad.
April 8th, 2017 5:17am
Yes, it is perfectly normal. we all feel scared before trying something new, the key is to just go on, don't let the fear of what might happen get to you and do it!
April 9th, 2017 9:08am
Absolutely it is normal to feel scared to go to college. Going to college is a big, new step in life. There is a lot of different surroundings to get used to and meeting new people can also be nerve wracking! Just remember the exciting times that lay ahead and also that many of your fellow college first timers are nervous too, even if they don't seem to show it.
April 9th, 2017 10:23pm
In my opinion, every new thing one does in life can make us a bit worried, but soon we overcome this feeling.
April 14th, 2017 11:11am
Of course it is. College is a new experience, it's going into the unknown and well it is perfectly normal to be afraid of something you don't know. What matters is not to let the fear stop you. It's kind of a good thing to feel a little scared because it can help motivate you, just know there is nothing you cannot do, take a deep breath and keep your head up high
April 15th, 2017 6:08am
Completely! You've lived with your guardians and have depended upon them for almost your whole life, living with them and knowing that they'll be right there.
April 20th, 2017 7:41am
Hello, I've personally felt really scared to go college, so yes it's normal. Maybe think about what exactly you are scared of, maybe then you can figure out a solution? Hope this helps
May 4th, 2017 11:07pm
It's absolutely normal to feel afraid! College is a whole different ball game compared to high school and elementary school. Going into college, you're an adult and it's all about YOU and your specific future career. It's a huge responsibility of taking care of yourself and learning to be an adult in the "real world". Even though pretty much everyone feels scared and worried at some point about going to college and being away from their family, college is a great experience and is tons of fun! It'll all work out and you shouldn't worry :)
May 13th, 2017 7:13am
Yes, absolutely. It's a major life change. Try to identify exactly what you are scared about going to college for. Are you afraid of being away from your family? A way to help that is to stay in frequent contact with your family and maintain those relationships even though you're away at college. Are you afraid of meeting new people? Try to remember that many others at college feel the same - it's a new experience for everyone; you aren't alone.
May 19th, 2017 2:18pm
It is normal to feel scared to go to college. There's so much uncertainty and insecurity and it's such a huge turning point in life that it sometimes feels very overwhelming. You know that you're growing up and you start becoming more aware of the responsibilities that you'll have to take up and on top of that there's the pressure of doing well to ensure a secure and happy future. All these feelings can definitely make one scared to even begin the journey. I remember my first day, I was so scared, I didn't know anyone and I wasn't sure of exactly what I was supposed to do...I was a mess. But what I've learnt is that we're all scared at first. Every other person is scared at first, but with time, they get the hang of it. They start making friends and they start discovering opportunities to make a difference and slowly, they start enjoying it! College is a place where you'll definitely be tested but you'll also come across some incredible people and have some incredible memories to look back at. College is scary, but it also changes you as a person...and for the better.
June 8th, 2017 9:35pm
Yes because ur starting a new educational journey that leads directly to ur career but remember if u major in what you like you will be fine and relax it will all be okay
June 10th, 2017 4:44pm
Going to college is a brand new experience, and at first, all new experiences can make us feel scared, as our mind is only comfortable with familiarity. Having something to look forward to about going to college, can dissipate the fear and make it exciting. Thinking about the friends you will make, what you will learn, and of all the ways you will have fun once you are there, will help you shift from feeling scared and nervous to hopeful and even excited. Hope this helps! : )
June 11th, 2017 3:10pm
Yes. This is very normal. Whenever we are faced with new situations, we tend to be scared because we fear the unknown. However, taking that first step to face the new situation normally diminished this fear.
June 14th, 2017 9:36pm
Feeling scared is normal. College seems like a very scary thing. New people, new teachers, new building, new town, new lessons. It is normal to feel scared about things that you have to deal with every day for a long time. But dealing with the emotion is easier than you think. Once you get the first day out of the way. It will seem a lot better and easier to approach.
June 15th, 2017 8:05pm
I think it is natural to feel scared of something new. I remember how scary it was for me. Although it was scary it was the best step for me.