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I want to stop thinking about my ex. What should I do?

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Last Updated: 12/21/2020 at 9:06pm
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March 5th, 2016 5:54pm
The best way to stop thinking about your ex is doing something to occupy your mind, a new activity or hang out with friends. The more alone time you have the more time you have to think about an ex
March 6th, 2016 2:49pm
Keep yourself occupied. Mingle with new people, stay off the internet. Learn to love yourself and try become the best version of yourself. Work out more, learn a new hobby, study!!
March 6th, 2016 8:30pm
Tell friends/family how you feel, about your heartbreak, and I completely understand your troubles (and need of help.) S/he just isn't "The One," so you should move on. In fact, get support from friends, and if you'd like, you can go to me for help numerous times. Breakup is hard, but try to forget, have fun, even give yourself a "Spa Treatment." Just keep the good moods up, forgive, forget, and keep the heartbreak down with fun and spas, and movies and ice cream and relaxation!
March 6th, 2016 8:39pm
You can only forget about an ex if you did not love him/her, if you did love then you have to accept them in your memory forever, in time it becomes easier to deal with those memories without any emotional pain it will just be memories
March 7th, 2016 1:07pm
Go out and meet more people. Do more hobbies and delete them from your social media
March 9th, 2016 3:57pm
Try going for new things! An online course, a party, going out with friends... All are helpful, really :)
March 9th, 2016 6:26pm
First rid your life of everything you can that makes you think of them. Next start taking time to focus on yourself. Go out with your friends, treat yourself to a spa day, anything you really enjoy doing. Its important to take time for yourself as a reminder during hard times, that you are still important.
- Expert in Breakups
March 11th, 2016 9:06pm
delete his number or way of contact with him and talk to friends. Find a way to distract yourself from your ex
March 12th, 2016 6:31am
first off start a cleanse. now is your time to start working on yourself. busy yourself and have fun
March 12th, 2016 2:26pm
Go out with your friends, delete everything you had of him, don't waste your time on him, that's the last thing you should do.
March 13th, 2016 9:50am
Think about something else
March 20th, 2016 7:54am
Planning activities to look forward to can be helpful distractions. Breakups are hard, but know that time will heal all wounds. Also I've noticed for myself, when you're ready to date again, meeting new people is a very helpful way to get your mind off of your ex.
March 20th, 2016 4:51pm
Do a positive cleanse! Donate any of their stuff you may still have lying around to charity. That way there are fewer reminders and you've helped someone in need. You'll feel good about the donation, and you will have taken steps towards moving on. Take a deep breath, smile, and go do something fun with a friend or two. :)
March 24th, 2016 1:07pm
Work on yourself, think about things you want to improve. Read, go for a walk, spend time with your family... Make exercise, if you want to. The more you focus into something positive, the better you will feel
March 24th, 2016 6:13pm
Your ex may have been a large part of your life. Know that it's okay to be upset about this but you will not be sad forever. Look at this like a learning experience; what went wrong? Recognize the good times, but don't let the bad times fall into the shadows. Understand that there is a reason this happened and you can only grow from here.
March 27th, 2016 6:21pm
i think it's pretty tough. when you want to forget something or someone the memories with them always haunts you and make it hard to forget them. but time will make you forget them. maybe not forever but it will. and dont push yourself too hard to forget, it will make it harder
March 30th, 2016 2:21pm
Take up a hobby that requires concentration, like running or writing. These are purging and cathartic and require focus that can take your mind of certain emotions. Your mind can figure a lot of things out itself, if you give it room to maneuver.
March 31st, 2016 3:00pm
You have to block everything that reminds you of your ex. Block them on social media..start to love yourself.. You have got to be your own hero in the end...
April 8th, 2016 3:17am
Give yourself some personal time. Take a you day. Go to a spa, or spend some time with some good friends.
April 9th, 2016 1:47pm
Embrace the fact that you are thinking about your ex, and even let yourself think about your ex, but dont let it stop you from allowing yourself to search for someone new to think about, dont let it keep you from going out, dating and living your life. Time while fade your thoughts, and the more you fill your days and mind with new and different things, the less your ex will occupie it.
April 10th, 2016 7:53am
ok honestly if you can't stop thinking about your ex then you're probably still in love with them. my advice is to just go talk to him/her!!! don;t be scared just go for it, and if it doesn't work out then OHH WELL life does go on, don't regret the chances you didn't take
April 13th, 2016 10:56am
Distracting yourself always works! Go do things that make you happy but don't remind you of them. Maybe hang out with friends!
April 17th, 2016 5:05am
get rid of all the things that remding you of them. do things that distract you from thinking about them. for instance: listen to music, hang out with friends, meditate, pray, etc.
April 17th, 2016 6:03am
Focus on something new in your life. Such as a hobby or a project anything Positive in life is good.
April 20th, 2016 7:31am
Immerse yourself in things that make you happy. Your favorite book, or music. Play your favorite sport. It's a matter of keeping your mind occupied with things that won't drag you down.
April 23rd, 2016 2:01pm
Think about the relationship, the pros and cons. Appreciate the memories but remember the reason you broke up. Accept your pain and look at it as it is a piece of art, learn from it. Think more about yourself, about what you learned and about your path. Do something different, meet new people and learn from them. Read and listen to improve yourself. Appreciate and accept yourself.
April 24th, 2016 5:26pm
Have patience ... it will take time but soon everything will be fine ... set a goal in life ... it gives motivation ... work for it .... focus on fullfilling your dreams
June 7th, 2016 2:54pm
Focus on other things, keep yourself engaged, allow the thoughts to leave on their own which will happen if you do not feed the thoughts with more of the same thoughts.
September 5th, 2016 5:13am
Focus on something better and interesting which will keep the mind busy. But before that destroy all the physical things that might remind him.
January 17th, 2017 9:34am
Having a relationship end can be a painful experience, particularly when your thoughts continually drift back to your ex. Avoid contact with your ex, Even if you think you want to be friends with your ex, it's important to give yourself some time away from him or her. You must fully heal before you can begin spending time with your ex again.