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Has anyone had experience getting an Emotional support animal? I live in a no pet apartment and need a small dog but I don't know how to go about this. I of course will ask my therapist

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Last Updated: 04/25/2018 at 5:55am
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April 25th, 2018 5:55am
The animal will have to be a well trained pet. If a big dog is in a no pet apartment it may not be the best for space. An emotional support pet can stay in a no pet apartment as long as you have a written letter from a dr. I would make sure the pet is is also trained in the best way and has up to date shots. It needs to be friendly and can socialize with other pets and people as well as noise to a minimum. You must always keep the pet clean and pick up after the pet as well when it goes to the bathroom. I have had two pets that were emotional support pets. I post one and I am still grieving . I will tell you that at my first time I had to train my pet and I did not know this pet would be so positive as far as my health. I also am aware pet care is not cheap and I am speaking from experience. I had a lot of positive training. I also have a bird. I will not say that pet is the best as an apartment pet because it's a very good chance that in the notice of noise certain birds are loud and I had to add that birds also need space as some can be very destructive. Also bird care is not easy for emotional support after the apartment is ate up and cost care for birds make much more expenses. There are the conure birds and mine is very good and Pomeranians grooming when I was first learning was very hard to find information and I had to get this was easy if you need to get a pet with long hair comb hair double coated hair with double tooth combed and never brush. Make sure use gentle start from back to front . Then from the vet comfort pills is what I used once a month for fleas as you can bet this works and safe since the pet also needs a flea treatment like this for the pet to make sure everyone is safe from parasites and they make fleas infertile. Always bathe once a week. Gentle shampoo and conditioner. There are many books on training but I read Victoria stilwells and I also read how to defend your dog in dog court to know local city ordinances on leash laws and rights for emotional support pets and there are a lot of responsibilities as a pet owner. I wish I could tell you more it I am going to say good luck as pets are great and the best way for getting your pet the letter is to make sure your is well known and I mean you well informed on the pet you choose as behavior and hygiene so to as food affoco approved for dogs. is what I use as far as deals. Wish you well. Mine saved my life