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i don’t know what to do, but every time i walk into my house i feel pain,hurt, and like i’m suffering... but when i’m not at home i feel better... i just feel trapped at home due to family,is this ok?

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Last Updated: 08/04/2020 at 8:48pm
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United Kingdom
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Tanyia Hughes, Adv Dip Psy


I have been through a lot in life too, which helps me to be able to empathize with situations, thoughts and feelings that we have. Sometimes, it's not easy just being human.

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December 3rd, 2018 4:28pm
Its quite OK, Sometimes its because of negative energy from the people, or the responsibilities. A lot of people have this feeling while they are at home. When you are at home try to do things that you like, try to laugh and have fun. Knowing that you will be happier while you will step outside. I have tried many things in the past, making peace with the situation is the only thing helped me, if you bring change in your perspective your thinking will change, you can atleast give this a try. Being alone is something that you like, you can set a goal for that too.
July 13th, 2020 10:14pm
I can understand your situation & think so that you are facing anxiety while at home. Can you let me more about being afraid of something when you are at home ? You must be busy while you are away from home that might have helped you to relax your mind & give you some space to be out of pain & hurt. You must be trying this a lot so that you don't feel trapped while at home as when you are away from home can heal your mind & lift up your mood which I think so can certainly help you with this.
August 4th, 2020 8:48pm
Short answer: I believe the answer is yes. Emotions aren't really something one can just control, and it's okay to just let them be. It seems like you're feeling a little guilty over the negative reactions you have to being at home. That is okay. Feeling a certain way is not wrong. You aren't wrong. I don't know much about your situation, but your strong emotions are valid, and you aren't hurting anyone. Home is a strange concept that cannot and should not be forced. Are there any particular reasons you feel freer out of your house? What places do you feel the happiest and lightest in?