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Family & Caregivers: Discussion & Forum

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Welcome to the Family & Caregivers Community! 

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other” by Richard Bach

The Family and Caregivers Community is a supportive space to share your thoughts and experiences. Please feel free to check out the following spaces to meet your needs (All links below will take you directly to that section)

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Boundaries and You

by @Fristo July 22nd
September 11th

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Community Guidelines

Guidelines specific to Family Support Community

1) Be polite, and non-judgmental - Everyone has a different idea of what a "family".  No two families are alike, so please be open-minded and supportive to everyone who shares here. 

2) Please use appropriate language for all ages - This community supports both teens and adults.  Curse/cuss words will be removed from posts.  

3) Some topics may be triggering - If you find a topic here triggering please step away and take a moment of self-care. We try to be inclusive and discuss a wide variety of topics so there will be something for everyone.

4) The GOLDEN RULE - We are Family! We will be polite, friendly, caring, compassionate and offer support to everyone to the best of our abilities. You will be polite too!

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