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♡ Welcome to Family & Caregiver Support Community ♡

Our goal is to offer the best support to everyone in a kind, friendly and enjoyable way!

Are you a professional Caregiver?  You are welcome to post here, look for relevant Caregiver threads.  We also have plenty of family related threads, both caregiver related and not.

- we are inclusive - we do not judge - we actively listen - we are kind - we are fun - and - . . . . . we are FAMILY!


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by @vroomvrooom on Sunday
3 days ago
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Community Guidelines

Guidelines specific to Family Support Sub-Community

1) Be polite, and non-judgmental - Everyone has a different idea of what a family is so please be open-minded and caring to everyone.

2) Some topics may be triggering - If you find a topic here triggering please step away and take a moment of self-care. We try tyo be inclusive and discuss a wide variety of topics so there will be something for everyone.

3) The GOLDEN RULE - We are Family! We will be polite, friendly, caring, compassionate and offer support to everyone to the best of our abilities. You will be polite too!

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