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Why do women cheat instead of breaking up?

184 Answers
Last Updated: 02/20/2022 at 3:51pm
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May 16th, 2015 3:26am
Many people, men and women, sadly cheat instead of doing the right thing and breaking up with someone if they are unhappy with them. There is many potential reasons people do this. I think a large majority of them do so because they are looking for something that isn't being fulfilled in their current relationship, but also want the comfort of a partner to come home too.
November 23rd, 2019 12:25am
I believe it hasn't have to do with "women"... people in general are afraid of breaking up because they are either used to the other person or they are afraid of being alone Having someone next to you its comforting, i believe that is why people want to have that guarantee On the other side, they are too cowards to say "i don't love you anymore". They can't measure the damage they cause for wanting to save that pain Cheating it's not for men or women, it's for disrespectful people who doesn't know what they actually want Don't be that kind of person
December 2nd, 2014 3:11pm
Women usually cheat instead of breaking up because they are usually scared or embarrassed to break up with you. Cheating to them is less harsh in their mind but in real life it usually breaks their Boyfriends/Girlfriends heart. If you are one of those girls and you are reading this, think about it before you cheat on someone. It hurts way to much.
December 23rd, 2014 4:55am
Why do men do the same thing? Stereotyping a behavior doesn't help us to understand it. Blaming women, won't help you understand what one woman did. Ladies, the same is true in reverse as well. We all make mistakes. We hurt each other. There are good aspects to human nature as well as bad. To err, is human.
December 2nd, 2014 9:13pm
Women need security and are unable to leave even a bad relationship. They might love their partner but feel like they lack something fundamental that makes them feel loved. They start looking for what they are lacking else where
December 6th, 2014 4:22pm
People cheat for all kinds of reasons, unfortunately. Sometimes who they're cheating with could just be for sex, not an actual relationship. So when they have both sex and a relationship, they may not want to mess that up. Another thing is being afraid of breaking up with someone. Breaking up with someone is a really hard thing to do, especially because there are many reasons for why breakups happen. Cheating is a way of escaping what needs to be done.
April 12th, 2015 10:46am
Not all women do this. Some women do break up and mabye it just some women?! This makes no sense but oh well. We mean well honest but a women needs a man to have fun and felt loved with then they will drift off slowly......and then they cheat as they dont want to hurt you....and they do not think you will find out so in a way it is easier. I hope this makes sense! And helps...xx
April 4th, 2015 1:13am
Sometimes people cheat because they are scared to break up their partner or want to be with both their parter and the one they are cheating with. Alternatively some people cheat because they get a thrill out of doing so which is very hurtful for everyone involved.
January 19th, 2016 1:44pm
There is no one answer to this, it varies depending on the woman and her relationship experiences, certainly someone who believes that 'revenge is sweet' after being cheated on by her boyfriend will return the favor. In another scenario, a woman who has been mistreated whether it be abuse or neglect may lean towards another man for emotional support....which can sometimes result in the development of a physical relationship. I believe that our actions are linked to our needs and whether that need is comfort, revenge, or just space to be alone, we act in direct response to those needs.
March 14th, 2016 5:09pm
Women are predominately disposed to seeking out what they lack in their relationship. Whether that's an emotional or physical void, I feel that women are more inclined to cheat based on their perceived lack of affection, physical intimacy, etc. They choose not to end the relationship because they feel it's something they can still work on. They do not want to lose the person either because they feel insecure in doing so and/or they still love their significant other, but can't suppress the urge to cheat because of the before-mentioned reasons.
August 6th, 2015 5:01pm
All women are different, meaning that they all have different reasons as to why they would cheat. This goes for men too. I feel like people cheat instead of breaking up because they either don't want to hurt you by ending it or because they still want to keep you around. They want the best of both worlds. Is cheating right? NO not at all. I honestly feel like it should be illegal to cheat considering that they're diseases out there that you can get from doing so, but that still may not stop people from doing it. I would rather be broken up with before cheated on, but sometimes it just doesn't work like that. When you think you know someone , the truth is that you really don't. Always be cautious.
December 3rd, 2014 12:08am
Not all women cheat instead of breaking up, the woman or women who've done that to you had there own reasons for their actions and their responsible for it not you so don't blame yourself or all women, I know it's hard to believe right now but there's women out there who won't do that to you.
May 17th, 2016 6:55pm
Women have a tendency to not want to be alone which is why they always prefer to have a back up plan, Of course it is not always the case, most often it is because they are in love with more than one person at once or are sex addicts.
November 20th, 2016 1:19pm
I'm a man , but I can say that it might be because there's a part inside them still loves you and don't want to lose you but they can't take it anymore and be completely involved in a relationship that stresses them out I undersand that by any means it's cheating and it has no any other definition, but that's what i think is the reason
July 28th, 2015 3:08am
Women aren't the only culprits here. Both men and women can sometimes get "sexually bored" and quite a few actually admit to having been a cheater at some point in their lives. It's human nature that we have to do our best to block out of our minds.
September 21st, 2016 2:21am
I think that cheating is a sign that someone is insecure about themselves. A confidant woman that knows that she can be loved might feel more comfortable leaving and starting a new relationship. omen often stay for financial reasons or because they feel that they are not enough. Cheating is a passive way of dealing with relationship problems.
June 30th, 2015 4:31pm
I think this goes for both women and men, we cannot generalize.In my opinion, (FYI I've never cheated before so I have no personal statement just an opinion) it is the desire for emotional connection that drives people to impropriety. Once one feels they don't have that with their significant other, the resort to cheating, trying to find that spark that was once there with their mates with someone else. Most cheating occurs after he/she has formed some close friendship with the person with whom he will eventually cheat. Not that cheating is ever justified; it is an ugly choice but when a couple is not actively engaged in nurturing their relationship, they risk danger. Other than that, there's other who cheat for the purpose of revenge, but over all there is no reason to cheat instead just break the relationship, it'll hurt but less than infidelity.
January 26th, 2016 3:20am
Some woman can cheat because she loves both men. Sometimes, she may not want to break one of the guys hearts. There are quite a few reasons.
September 18th, 2016 3:03pm
Not all women cheat on someone of a way breaking up, If they do there just a horrible person, I guess they think its the easy way out, instead of being decent and just being honest there not happy!
November 10th, 2015 3:52am
The same reason why men cheat instead of breaking up, people have different reasons of cheating before hand. Sometimes they cheat due to a spontaneous impulse and later regret, they could have something to lose and they get scared to leave yet still strive and have a strong urge to keep the affair. They understand what the current relationship has to offer, but feels the need to emotionally/physically be accepted, be desired, to desire. Depends on each individual why they would cheat before breaking up and that is something you could ask that person to get their motives behind it.
September 15th, 2016 5:41am
It's not exactly that one sex does it and the other doesn't. Its general people cheat, why they cheat can be for one of many reasons. Example maybe they are selfish and want the best of both world or they just do it out of a past history that is haunting them. stuff like that.
September 23rd, 2016 6:38am
Woman are possibly scared of being lonely. Hopeing their spouse never know about their affair.
January 7th, 2015 9:05pm
Everyone is different. It can't be labeled that every woman cheats because of [fill in the blank]. Everyone is different and does different things for different reasons.
June 10th, 2015 2:29am
As a guy I may not be the best person to answer this, but I feel as it it's because there may be a level of embarrassment with breaking up? Or they may just be trying to take advantage of the guy they're in the relationship with. I think it goes with both genders though.
September 28th, 2015 9:58pm
Sometime people can fall in love with two people at once it's not that they want to hurt you it's just that they don't want to loose you but have feeling for someone else.
May 18th, 2018 1:16am
Not all women cheat. Men cheat too. Its the lack of communication. Insecurities..or things they dont want to do with their significant other. Also make sure both people are aware of the exclusive relationship. Find out what their love language is. (5 love languages)
December 2nd, 2014 1:16pm
they dont want to upset their boyfriend or they still love them but just arent happy with what they give.
December 2nd, 2014 1:49pm
Why the word "Women" is used in particular..?? Don't men..??? Basically cheating is fulfilling the short term desire ignoring the long term effects. Even if your partner don't know or if you think he or she wont know still it have its long term impact on relationships.
December 2nd, 2014 7:48pm
People cheat instead of breaking up for reasons such as not wanting to be alone, and I would think not wanting to deal with the pain of the break up. Some find it easier to turn to an outside source which is not the answer.
May 22nd, 2015 12:59am
Saying that women cheat instead of breaking up is like saying that all guys beat up their girlfriends. It doesn't work like that. 1) I think certain women might cheat because they are just like that. It's their personality, they don't know how to commit to relationship. 2) Some women might want to find something new. 3) Some woman might not have the guts to break up with her boyfriend. There are a million other reasons. Don't assume that everyone woman is bad because of bad experiences.