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I want to see a therapist. How do I tell my parents?

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Last Updated: 02/20/2022 at 2:46am
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December 12th, 2021 11:38pm
Because of the many prejudices around it, therapy is often viewed as a taboo, and it may be a hard conversation to have with your parents. So take a deep breath and prepare yourself. Be sure to have their full attention, maybe have them sit down first. Be completely honest with them. Tell them why you want to see a therapist and explain in what ways therapy will help you. Remind them it's nothing to be afraid of - therapy is for everyone and not just for people who suffer from mental illnesses! But if you want to start therapy because you're experiencing symptoms that lead you to believe you might suffer from something, tell them what your symptoms are and add that if they want to help you, one way for them to do that is to agree to make you see a therapist! Remind them their support is really important to you. Offer to research therapists in your area and to check their qualifications, their references, and obviously how much it will cost. Make sure to make them feel involved in the process: their presence is important for you to start feeling better! Hope this helped! Good luck!
January 7th, 2022 5:13am
hi there! this can be a tricky situation but there are some options to help you out. first and foremost, how close is your relationship with them? will they be understanding right off the bat or will there need to be some extra work? if the first one is the case, then try to ease into the topic of what's troubling you (if you're comfy) and suggest to them you truly feel the need to see a therapist. however, if they are a bit less receptive, find a time where they are relaxed (so they're more willing to listen) and talk to them about how you've been feeling and why you believe this is important for you. no need to go into too many details if you don't feel at ease, but try to get them in your shoes and most importantly, be patient. "if it doesn't work the first time, try and try again." if you know this is what you need, then dont lose hope if they so choose to discourage you. at the end of the day, you know yourself best. hope it works our well for you my friend
January 16th, 2022 3:31pm
I suggest casually telling them about a 'friend' having some mental health issues and seeing how they react to it. If it is positive, I recommend telling them one at a time so it will be less pressure on you. Sit beside each other so you won't feel their eyes looking directly at you. Get something to hold and squeeze when you feel nervous or anxious. And then vaguely explain to them about your issues and that you need to see a therapist. You should do some research on where or who you want to go to so that you are prepared to show your parents that you are really in need of seeing a therapist.
February 20th, 2022 2:46am
It can help to look at an emotion wheel online. Search Emotion Wheel, and see if you can find a wheel that you can look at for free. It can help you identify you feelings. Make a list of what you are feeling now, and what you would like to feel like in another column. You can use "I feel.... statements to your parents, and explain that you really would like to work on reducing certain feelings, and getting help for something - example sadness. Sadness can be depression. Nervousness and worryness and be an anxiety disorder. It depends on how old you are, and if you parents do not understand, see if you can reach out to a trusted adult like a guidance counselor in school or a trusted teacher and ask if your school has any supports in the school of helpful ways to talk to your parents. You can simply tell them that you feel ___ and really would like to talk to a therapist to get someone else's ideas of how to best help you feel better.