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How can I manage my emotions in a healthy manner and what are such methods?

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Last Updated: 08/11/2020 at 2:19pm
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Theresa Gulliver, Registered Clinical Counsellor


Problems cannot be solved using the same level of thinking that created them. We must try something different. Gently, we turn your challenges into opportunities for healing.

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February 20th, 2015 6:10pm
I always found that the best way to manage your emotions is to think about them from all perspectives and then consider telling the person these emotions are linked to - understandable sometimes emotions are not linked to an individual, in this case talk to someone close to yourself or come on 7cupsoftea and share your problems. 'A problem shared is a problem halved'. So do not feel afraid to pop up to any listener because we are all here to help you :)
April 18th, 2017 3:49pm
Slow down your breathing, try to focus your whole world on a point, your breathing, feel the air moving, feel your body, focus on individual parts of your body and try to loosen the muscles until they Be completely unhealthy, feel them heavier, till you feel really cold to be there. Then try to cleanse your mind, whenever a thought comes, stressful or anything, have it set aside.
August 11th, 2020 2:19pm
The best way to manage emotions is to allow yourself to feel them and accept that those emotions exist within you. Hence, talking about your emotions would be the best one can do as that relies on you accepting your emotions and allowing yourself to feel them. Another way to manage emotions is by finding a vent. A vent is an action you do or a place you go to when you feel a certain emotion or overwhelmed in general. Music, arts, and physical exercise often act as good vents but it varies from person to person based on individual tastes and preferences.
January 14th, 2015 4:42am
I write a lot so mybemotuin out on paper. There I time I go for walks or be just by self I'd cry in the shower
June 15th, 2015 10:14am
You can talk about them with someone you trust, or someone on a site like this one. You can also do something that relaxes you, such as going to a walk/jog, drawing, maybe even writing a poem about your feelings.
September 6th, 2015 7:58pm
The best thing to do if you are feeling like you need to manage your emotions better, might be to speak with a professional counselor or therapist. They can help you to sort out and understand your feelings better.
September 7th, 2015 9:41pm
Try to contain then- that means, try to tolerate them. Often, when first researching about "managing emotions" it is about us wanting to control or "fix" our emotions, which, as you guess, can only make things worse. When we however relax, we can actually tolerate them without fighting with them.
September 22nd, 2015 4:23am
You can manage your emotions by talking to someone or writing regularly. It's important to take these actions regularly so that you dont ever start feeling overwhelmed with emotions.
- Expert in Managing Emotions
May 10th, 2016 6:44am
The idea is to give yourself time and space to face the emotions before doing anything or making any decisions. If you feel emotional in a crowd, excuse yourself and go to a more private place to face the emotions before joining the crowd back.
March 5th, 2018 2:11pm
I would suggest to try and approach behavioural methods such as CBT or DBT classes. These are designed to change your mindset and manage your emotions in a very healthy way. It will challenge you to think differently.