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Whats the best way to get over your ex moving on before you do?

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Last Updated: 03/04/2022 at 7:26pm
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May 2nd, 2018 12:18pm
To accept that he's not there anymore. There are many more men out there who are ready to give you the love and attention you need.
May 4th, 2018 1:45pm
Focus on yourself, your studies or work. Understand that your ex is your past, not your present or future. We all have different amounts of time it takes to move on
May 9th, 2018 10:50pm
For me, I try to focus on myself. Work on my mental well-being. Work out, stay busy while I'm healing. I don't know what's best but that's what works for me.
May 12th, 2018 7:33am
Just think that there is someone perfect out there waiting for you and time is your best friend. Patience is key, you don't want to rush into things.
May 27th, 2018 12:11am
talking to someone about how you are feeling always helps. you have every right to feel a little down after it happens but doing something you love with the people you love will help you get through it as well. generally surrounding yourself with friends and family who understand will go u good.
May 30th, 2018 12:41am
attempt to find someone new, as well. if you can't, try spending time doing new things and making new friends... create a new hobby or strike up a conversation with an old friend. do something to distract yourself
May 30th, 2018 1:44pm
Focus on yourself! Surround yourself with friends and family who love you as much as you should be loved
May 30th, 2018 3:27pm
As the saying goes, time really is the best solution. If you have nothing to do, find something to do and you'll find that time will pass by a lot faster. Reward yourself for everyday that you don't cry without him/her.
June 2nd, 2018 12:01am
The best thing to do is sit down with someone and talk about it and take as much time as you need because at the end you could feel differently about that person.
June 2nd, 2018 1:31am
Everyone heals and moves on from relationships at their own pace. Find comfort that you will move on when you are in a place to do so.
June 7th, 2018 5:41pm
Dont mind him/her moving on from your relationship. Just do your stuff. Its okay to think about your ex but make it less as days pass by. Try not to focus on your memory with that person. Being with your trusted friend for sometime will help you, too.
June 22nd, 2018 7:15am
You have to understand that moving on is a process that takes different amounts of time for different people. Looking at old pictures, videos, an ex’s a social media etc is ultimately harmful to your progress. It is important to surround yourself with people who make you happy and distract you. It is important to also keep busy. When your mind is distracted it is often harder to make room for painful thoughts as time passes. Try out a sport, a reading group, get involved in clubs, or simply continue to involve yourself in activities that make you happy.
June 22nd, 2018 1:57pm
Easiest way is to focus on your life and even easier is when you don't even know what your ex is upto. Don't keep track of what he's doing. Think how stress free will you be! And think how much will you grow!
June 29th, 2018 7:57pm
Friends. Friends are a great way to move on. Surround yourself with people you love. Keep your mind busy.
July 1st, 2018 2:35pm
Remember that it is their loss! You are beautiful and if he/she didn't appreciate you, move on. I know how hard it can be but remember that there are over a billion other people out there and one day, you will find the one for you.
July 7th, 2018 11:37am
Lets say you are happy that you are not in the exes mind so this is hard enough if it is very hard to be happy if you are holding hate then you slowly need to focus on loving yourself. This is better than being angry as you are doing Ok because it is a chance to learn that being angry for the past is not moving your life forward in the pursuit this is your life now and if you love yourself then you are on a way to live the mistakes and be glad for despite the fact that you are not going to be able to make the mistakes a lesson for you to get your own new relationship between the last one as you have more time to see if your able to get a more compatible match because there is someone for you and be happy for them. That means also this is the best way to get a chance to be able to make sure you acted in character as this is a bigger problem for you if you hold on to things that are not working in angry fashion because it is a process that you have to get to see hat works for you and the first person with another person doesn't mean you are not good enough so that you can see the last one s not going to be a bad thing so focus on your life now. This is your time to grow and be happy that you will find someone and you may look and think about the way you handle that situation and be a person who you will not scare the good things in life away by being stuck on the wrong one. It will be better and you are a person who has class that will be gone if you choose to look back. For you be greatful move on and off n your way and be patient if it takes a minute as you are not going to be able to make the best of it worring about someone else. Good luck
July 8th, 2018 2:36am
Hey there! It sounds like you're struggling with coping with your ex being in a relationship with someone new before you got the chance to find someone, yourself. The truth is, there isn't any one true way to stop feeling hurt or upset about this; each person is different, and that's what makes us beautiful. The good news is that you know yourself better than anyone! Sometimes, doing the things that make us the most happy can take our minds from the things that are hurting us, emotionally.
July 8th, 2018 10:41am
try and talk to other people so you get your mind off your ex. maybe you’ll find the one, you never know. everything always happens for a reason.
July 11th, 2018 7:08pm
Just continue to build yourself up and work on you. Keep yourself busy and try not to stalk their social media accounts.
July 12th, 2018 6:54pm
Recall why you guys broke up. Understand and accept the fact that whatever you shared with them is in the past now. A relationship needs two people who are happy with each other and the fact that you have broken up means you clearly weren't making each other happy and the other person believes that someone else out there does a better job than you do. So, move on, because you can't force someone to stay with you. Would you like that? Put yourself in their shoes.
August 12th, 2018 2:05am
I am doing this myself but ! but! You need to be with friends. Currently, I am not with friends until school. Keep yourself busy. Go outside. Do not be alone!
August 12th, 2018 6:47am
Find distractions. Although you might have not moved on, your ex has. Accept the fact that you’re going to have to move on at some point, and try. Try to move on.
August 12th, 2018 10:14pm
There is no need to stress about time it takes you to move on, it means you were more involved person in relationship.
August 14th, 2018 2:03am
Focus on yourself and future Better yourself everything happens for a reason and it’s always for the best
August 22nd, 2018 5:44pm
This actually happened to me and i didn't really mind, i was happy she found someone that can make her happy. I know most people wouldn't react like that but i'm a really down to earth person i really didn't get affected by it and i keep on going with my life like i always did without even thinking about it that much. :) It doesn't mean i didn't liked her, its just the way i am really. But i do know that most people in this situation needs some close friends to talk to about this and share how they feel about the situation. And of course, if someone out there is going through this, i can always listen to you and share the rest of my story with you if you want to, i always do my best to help you find the best path for you. :)
September 9th, 2018 5:40pm
Remind yourself why you are not together and surround yourself with friends and family, have someone that you can talk to about how you feel, avoid looking at their social media, remove them from social media if you can, focus on what is really important to you, when I split with my ex I surrounded myself with my friends, made new friends through this process and did what made me happy, I also started new hobbies and focused all my energy into that with the support of my friends, it is important to remember that you will be happy again.
September 19th, 2018 7:42pm
I was with the same person for the past eleven years. Less than a month ago we separated and I have found it MOST helpful to look into MYSELF. Investing in what I truly want/desire in this life and put everything I am into it. If you're lingering on the past/past mistakes than that is exactly what your future will have. Set out on a "self-awareness adventure" and genuinely enjoy the reality that YOU ARE AWESOME and YOUR LIFE IS MEANINGFUL! You may be surprised to discover that the person you've needed all along has been dwelling within you. You'll never find PEACE in another if it is not alive in you. So, in conclusion, the best way to get over your ex moving on before you is to NEVER GET OVER YOURSELF!
October 7th, 2018 7:27am
Entertain yourself. Go out with friends, treat yourself with all sorts of things; spas, theme parks and more! Do something different everyday that you find fun, this will make you forget about the break up and accept that they have moved on. Don't get me wrong, some people take weeks, months, even years to get over a relationship. It all depends how well you are mentally. You're the expert of yourself so discover new things you could do. Don't give up on yourself or start being harsh to yourself over the break up. It's not the end of the world of you don't say so.
November 3rd, 2018 8:44pm
you should know that there are 7 bilion people on the world. he/she is not the only. You deserve someone to treat you like a human being. the best way to get over your ex is to reconsider the qualities you are looking for in your next partner. go for a trip to some park. try to clean your mind. make a hot tub or go to library to get books you like to read. spend time in nature with your pet if you have it. try to speak to someone, for example parents. they usually care the most for us.
November 5th, 2018 10:12pm
Getting over your ex takes time. He or she has become a part of your daily life. You dure get attached to the little things tjat they tell you or the things you do together. You should try to do things in life that you enjoy and that will surely make you feel good. Being depressed in the beginning of the break up is totally normal! Once you get out of the depressing part, you have to be around your supportive friends, do things that let you escape from this world such as art or music or playing. Meeting new people can also be usefull