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How can I motivate myself to get out of bed?

32 Answers
Last Updated: 04/06/2020 at 7:45pm
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November 17th, 2015 5:29pm
By allowing yourself to stay in it. If you view it as a problem, youre only torturing yourself. Examine the why behind your desire to stay in your bed and deal with that first. Don't overwhelm yourself with thinking you need to get out of it when clearly you want to stay in it. You have the right to as a human being.
February 5th, 2018 9:10pm
Break everything into the smallest thing possible. When I was and am on my depression bouts, I try to break my life into the most tiny tasks/goals ever. Like: go out of bed, 1 task - 1 point. (and had to have at least 10 points on the first day, 15 on the second, and so on). also, doing a checklist also helps me.
August 24th, 2015 2:13pm
The other day i read a post about a girl who puts cheese on her nighstand just because evey morning this cheese gives her reason to get out of bed. I think you should find something that you love and make it the reason you stand up every morning
July 2nd, 2015 5:25am
Think about the most important thing you need to do today and to yourself "i needs to be done now and i can do it ." Indulging yourself in yoga or some kinda exercise might also motivate you cause it will help to make a habit and you get used to it . Speaking of which it also keeps you healthy. And having a sound sleep is also important . Cause if you're sleepy you would never want to get out of bed .
April 22nd, 2015 4:49am
Think about everything positive you have going on throughout the day , it dosent even have to be the big things that happen every once and awhile it can be the tiny things like just seeing someone that makes you smile everyday.
June 7th, 2015 10:38am
Well, try to think of all the fun things you get to do, like talk to your friends, listen to music, or even watch your favourite show!
June 11th, 2015 11:21am
just tell your pillow that you need to get up early in the morning sleeping is not a waste of time though you do not want to miss the moments that may arrive at any instance in life
February 8th, 2015 5:58pm
Give yourself a reason to get out of bed everyday. Make plans for that morning. Like meet someone for breakfast or coffee or go work out. Make a plan that requires you to act on it because someone else is depending on you besides yourself.
- Expert in Depression
June 22nd, 2015 5:52pm
focus on the beautiful parts of the day, and ignore the bad ones. Even if the good things are only your morning coffee or pancakes, a TV Show, your new shirt you'll wear today or something else you like.
April 11th, 2015 8:52pm
Move your alarm to the other side of the room, so that way, when you get up in the morning, you have to get out of bed to turn it off. :]
June 28th, 2016 11:49pm
I can motivate myself to get out of bed in the morning by keeping a daily journal of 3 things I'm grateful for and referencing it before I go to bed in the evening.
August 22nd, 2016 6:49pm
The question indicates you don´t have a compelling reason to get out of bed, otherwise you would have done it already. You should find something you are cheerful about doing, not merely a duty. Start your day with something which requires a little effort but is also super-fun for you to do!
January 10th, 2015 8:47am
Plan a nice breakfast that you can get up and take the time to make. Or set a goal to attain and if you meet your goal by the end of the week treat yourself to something you don't usually do.
March 14th, 2015 12:44am
A good suggestion is putting the alarm clock further away from the bed, so you have to get out to turn it off, in term getting you more awake.
Anonymous - Expert in Depression
November 17th, 2015 4:04am
Leave a note that tells you to wake up, wake up with an alarm or music, start the day off by writing a quote, and write a list of small achievements - e.g. Today I woke up, I ate breakfast, I went out etc. Make leaving bed an enjoyable and necessary action
August 8th, 2016 7:54am
I have also had this problem in the past but overcoming it was the best feeling.
April 16th, 2018 11:38am
The way I motivate myself to get out of bed is planning my meals the day before. I get excited to make breakfast, and it helps me get out of bed. You could plan anything you think you’ll enjoy to do as soon as you get up.
June 30th, 2015 9:32pm
Put one foot in front of the other! Take a look outside your window-- isn't the sky beautiful? Isn't daylight, whether pouring in unadulterated on a clear, summer day or filtered through the hovering, stained glass windows of clouds above, truly beautiful? Go outside and smell the roses. The day is yours for the taking.
July 12th, 2016 2:23pm
try to find things you enjoy. things that make you happier. having things to look forward to and pursuing your own interests is important. do not care or try to follow what friends or others may "enjoy" or typically like to do, stick to what makes you happy and do what is best for you.
January 9th, 2017 1:03am
Getting out of bed can oftentimes be difficult for some of us. We feel inert, because leaving our room causes us a tremendous amount of energy. It is much easier said than done, but sometimes you just have to do it. Think about it this way: every day is a new day. You can look back at the past and dwell on it (which we all can fall prey to), or you can keep moving forward to the new opportunities that are waiting for you if you reach out for them. Do you have any close friends, family members, or pets that you can turn to? Having someone look forward to seeing you (or someone you can look forward to) can be enough to pull you right out of your own bed. They can hold you accountable.
January 9th, 2017 6:55pm
If you're having trouble getting out of bed, motivate yourself by making a plan to do something you enjoy that morning, even if it's incredibly small. Tell yourself that when you get up, you'll have a cookie with breakfast, or put on your favorite outfit, or take a stroll around the block before you leave for work/school. Even if it feels minuscule and unimportant, sometimes it's the small things that make a day worthwhile.
August 25th, 2015 8:46pm
Try to devise a bed time routine that incorporates you allowing yourself to get to bed at a decent time and hour to allow yourself to wake up at a decent time to start your day. You may want to try different bed times to see what works for you to give yourself the best feeling in the morning when you wake up. If you establish a bed time routine and stick with it, you may start to feel better and more motivated about getting out of bed in the morning to start your day.
October 26th, 2015 7:46pm
Firstly start by taking it in small baby steps if that helps, i usually find that if I am in a low state I write down what I want to accomplish whether it be big or small and then tick it off.
February 8th, 2016 2:35am
Think of the people in your life that probably want to see you! Come up with a fun activity to do that day!!
August 30th, 2016 3:55pm
Don't think too much about what lies ahead of you unless it is something exciting that is happening such as you are getting a new puppy or you are getting your pocket money today!
November 28th, 2017 8:31pm
Think of things that excite you or you enjoy and set reminders to do them. This way, it might be easier for you to wake up.
April 5th, 2015 1:37am
A simple trick that I do is to set my alarm clock somewhere away from my bed so i will HAVE TO get up!
December 21st, 2015 1:06pm
Try new things! Life is an adventure made just for you. So grab a pen, a backpack or a whisk and test yourself. Go outside and stare at the stars. Learn to love yourself!
May 9th, 2016 11:44pm
Just find somethings that will encourage you to getting out of bed, sounds harder than it is, just find the right thing and it will be easy
July 2nd, 2016 12:17am
yup getting rest is important