How do I stop thinking about death?

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How do I stop thinking about death?
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September 22nd, 2017 6:31pm
In my opinion, in order to get through depressive thoughts and stop thinking of things such as death you need to turn to the people who will support you and take your mind of such things. Go and do something you have never done before, explore, read, write, or just take some physical activity which will get you moving or going. It is always better to do it with someone else of course.
November 20th, 2017 9:03pm
make new targets in ur life .. try to love .. love any thing .. love and hope only can beat the fear of death
February 8th, 2018 9:19pm
If I tell you not to think about pink elephants! .... what’s the first thing you think about? It’s natural to want to avoid thinking about things that worry, upset or scare us but, death is something that all of us will face one day. We’re all likely to feel grief at the loss of a loved one, and one day we will all experience death. So rather than avoid thinking about it, I’d encourage you to think and talk about what death means to you. Talk about how you feel when you think about it... what your thoughts are about what happens after someone dies? What has been your experience of death, life or loss so far? If you’re thinking about death a lot then it might be that your beautiful brain is telling you there’s something you’re processing, so let it. Maybe by talking, writing, painting, playing music...however you express yourself and process feelings. It’s better out than in. And once you’ve allowed yourself that space, you may may find you’re not so preoccupied with death.
March 30th, 2018 3:03am
Try to preoccupy yourself with different hobbies to keep you busy. Maybe pick up a new sport, or an instrument. Anything to distract yourself from those negative thoughts and feelings.
May 11th, 2018 8:58pm
Although many of live in societies where people not like talk about death, it is quite normal to think about death. If we lose a loved one we can be reminded that we too will have to face death one day. It can help put our life into perspective. However thinking about death all the time can be a problem. Perhaps we have a fear of death or the time leading up to it, that it will involve pain and suffering. Obsession with death can lead to depression and distract us from live full healthy lives. One way to avoid constant thinking about death is to use it as a reminder that we are finite and never know how we have left. This can motivate us to live fully in the present and take nothing for granted.
May 11th, 2018 10:08pm
Start thinking about right now, focus on the present rather than the future, make the most of your time right now, fall in love with being alive
May 23rd, 2018 7:17pm
Death is the inevitable thing and the ultimate destination of all of us.whatever happens everyone born on earth will have to die one is just a journey from birth to death.but for different people the duration and qualities wary.this journey is unprecedented no one can guess how long we will live but when you live leave all fears and be peacefull and spread happiness.make a mark of your that your life will be remembered by few.stop worrying and chill.death is there and it will come.let us face it as it comes and nit before it.after all great lives need not be long and long lives need not be great.
June 30th, 2018 10:59am
Try to focus on now, Focus on what you have and what makes you happy, The more you focus on being happy the more your thoughts of death should leave you
August 3rd, 2018 1:43am
Death is obviously inevitable. You just have to come to terms that we all are going to experience death and live everyday to it’s fullest.
September 30th, 2018 3:07pm
If an idea has a strong emotional tie, such as fascination or horror, it can become very compelling. On of the best ways to re-train the mind to turn away from a thought and attend to another idea, comes from Mindfulness Training. In this system of personal development, a person deliberately sets out to change the way Thoughts (and feelings) are dealt with. Meditation is considered to be the fundamental building block for Mindfulness training, for good reason: it works. However, not everyone find that to be available to them. So people have developed CBT, or Cognitve Behavioral Training. This is, essentially, learning to watch one's thoughts and change the way they are expressed, evaluated, and responded to, which in turn can allow for the replacement of a distressing thought with one of more neutral, or even helpful value. There is another kind of personal growth training, called DTB (Dialectical Behavioral Training) which adds Mindfulness, Cognitive Retraining and Social Retraining. These three together can be a very powerful tool for change. My personal favorite is the Recipe for Change that i was taught, in 4 steps: 1) DECIDE to change; 2) decide WHAT to change; 3) CHANGE as much as you can, whenever you can; and 4) PRAISE yourself for every bit of change you accomplish! This last step is very important, as it allows the mind to clearly understand what is desired of it. Most of us do not get enough Self Praise, and a little bit can have a lasting effect.
April 20th, 2015 2:08am
Through the patient practice of cultivating new life, one can stymie almost any thought. Be it a rescue, a child, or even some plants. Life demands out thoughts and attention, even though the ever present nature of death is inescapable. Against this omnipresent necessity we are kin and the camaraderie is comforting.
July 27th, 2015 10:06am
You should start thinking about brighter parts of life. I personally like to think about the good stuff and work on my dreams. I really want to visit amazing places and that keeps the thrill of being alive. Thinking in a good way seldom makes you worry about death :)
February 1st, 2016 7:55am
When you start thinking about your life, and all the things you can do and try. Life is all about experiences, so go and get some! We were not born to die, at least not today.
May 5th, 2016 5:40am
Try and get your mind off of that, and focus on other things. Being focused on something, can lead it getting stuck in your mind, and that's what I believe is happening right now. It happens to me a lot, and be quite annoying or sometimes even saddening, but if you can find something that appeals to your interests, and have a good time doing, it should spare you those bad thoughts! I wish you the best of luck!
May 14th, 2016 11:40pm
Try to think about all of the good things in your life, Think about the people you are grateful to have in your life, Think about the things that you are grateful to have in your life. Think about all of the friends and family even your significant other and how upset they would be to lose you. Knowing that people love you and care about you makes life more living, As well as just being grateful for everything and everyone that you have in your life. Sometimes I think about death as well but I think about the ones I love who are there for me and love me more then anything, and the life that I'm grateful to be living with these wonderful people. It's about finding what your grateful for.
May 17th, 2016 5:12am
Think about your loved ones. Are you going to allow your selfishness to make them suffer while you're gone?
May 18th, 2016 10:50pm
Maybe you should try to occupy your thoughts with something other than death. There are many distraction techniques out there which you could find very beneficial. For example closing your eyes and thinking of something more positive or even just listening to music.
May 20th, 2016 4:24am
You can stop thinking about death by talking to the people who you love (only if they love you too).
May 20th, 2016 2:32pm
It is both natural and scary to think about death. Becoming familiar with the fear and working on an acceptance of death can be a good way to reduce the anxiety of thinking about death.
May 22nd, 2016 11:43am
You need to ask yourself why you're thinking about death so much. Find out the cause and it can help to preventing those thoughts; it's the first step.
May 26th, 2016 1:41am
Think about life. Remember to appreciate all the things you have and the life you have. It's also good to occupy yourself with friends and family.
June 1st, 2016 11:20am
Love your life. And live the way you want to because at the end, everybody will face their own death.
June 1st, 2016 9:01pm
You need to find hobbies such as camping,fishing,hiking,hunting. It could be anything maybe even hanging out with friends
June 2nd, 2016 2:36am
Life is about building connections. Every move we make affects other people. Know that you are important
June 3rd, 2016 7:45am
Thinking about death is not inherently a bad thing. Many of us sooner or later will reach a point where we reflect on how fragile we are and the unknown. If you find that these thoughts become unhealthy and start trending towards somewhere unhealthy, it would be best to talk to reach out to someone so they can help talk you through those feelings.
June 4th, 2016 7:09pm
maybe by thinking about death. see everyone of us has one such wild dream planned for life like i want to do bungee jumping at Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, United States, the highest bungee jump of the world so just think of what is yours and then just pledge to die only after doing and then just plan for it i know it wont be easy and that is why its a wild dream. so do whatever it takes to complete the mission.
June 5th, 2016 12:37pm
By thinking about it twice as much to cover the whole subject. Once there is so few left to think about it, you won't think about it as much or the process will be much quicker.
June 12th, 2016 1:17pm
Thinking about death and mortality is a very common thought and fear with people. Sometimes it is easy to become fixated on it and worry about what may happen, when 'your time' will be, what it is like in the afterlife (should you believe in one). Everyone handles the thought differently; sometimes people think that it is unavoidable, so make the most out of today while you can. Others just stop thinking about it. Often times one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the thought of being human, being vulnerable, and being mortal. While it sounds cliché/undersupportive, the thought sometimes helps others wonder why they are thinking about death. If you are fixated on the thought of death or are worried about death and dying, speak with someone at 7 Cups or a mental health care provider.
June 15th, 2016 8:06am
I find what is most helpful to stop thinking about death, is telling yourself in your head, I really felt like dying right now, but not verbalising out in words. As you said that, move on forward with doing things that adds value to your life. The thoughts will always be there, but it's ok to feel like dying, maybe we aren't taught to think about living? :P
June 17th, 2016 5:47am
Think about life. You get one of each. One you can somewhat control and enjoy... and one is simply inevitable.