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Welcome to the 35 and over community!  Our aim is to provide an inviting space for those of us who are over 35 to find like-minded people, discuss our concerns, and reminisce over a cup of tea  :)   We welcome all ages to participate.

Group Support Sessions (adults), all in Thirty-Five & Over Room and in ET time.

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Our ever-growing support team are here to help you with any questions, so feel free to send us a message :)  Interested in joining the team?  Current roles we are recruiting – Please contact @DanaMH

Please respect others opinions, even if we strongly disagree. There is no right or wrong answer here. Please avoid conflict or arguments. If something occurs that seems objectionable, please send a message to @DanaMH with a link so they can easily find the spot.

35+ Community Check-in 6th-8th November 2019

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Community Guidelines

The following are the guidelines which are specific to the 35 & Over Community. We ask you to follow them, as well as the Forum Guidelines. Their purpose is to to ensure a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

The main goal of this sub-community is to offer support and a space to socialize, for the 7 Cups users who are 35 years old, or older. After reaching a certain age, people have specific life concerns that might not be shared by people who don't have as much life experience.
However, age isn't a requirement to participate in our sub-community.
Everyone is welcome.

So please:
- Reach out for support
- Offer support
- Be respectful to everyone
- Take care of yourself
- Take care of others
- Have fun!


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