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Why can't I force myself to go to class?

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Last Updated: 03/11/2021 at 8:10am
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December 2nd, 2020 3:25pm
Well, surprisingly, it may not be about a lack of willpower. Think about why you don't want to go? Do you not like the teacher? Does the material confuse you? Do you just not enjoy the class? Once you have established a reason for why you are not going, it will be far easier to find a solution. If you are in high school, you may be able to talk to your parents about this class, and they could switch you out of the class, or perhaps change teachers. If you're at university, you may be able to drop the class if you find that it's in your best interests.
December 12th, 2020 2:39am
Well, here's what I've experienced..If you're not in the mood for class or feel unwell, it's better to stay home cos otherwise it gets difficult to concentrate:( Sometimes we need breaks to get back rejuvenated:) I have often gone to school on days when I dont feel like, and it hasnt been the best experience..On the contrary, I have found on many occasions that when I take a "well deserved break" as I call it, I feel so much better getting back to studies or classes! So here's the conclusion: Never force yourself to study or work when u dont feel like..Instead, just rest for a while or relax by shifting your focus to other activities and then get back when your energy bar is full!Lots of love and strength to you :)🧡
December 13th, 2020 2:57pm
Forcing yourself to do things isn't always the best way to get yourself to do something. It can help to think about it a couple of different ways. One is the positives: What good things do I get out of going to class? What is going to be easier for me if I go to class? Another is to figure out ways to make it easier: What are the steps I need to go through to go to class (get dressed, get on the subway if it's physical or turn on your computer if it's online, etc)? What would make it easier for me to feel okay with going to class? Another is to figure out what is hard about it, so you can address it: What makes me feel bad about going to class? Is it that I don't have time to make the assignments? Is it that I don't feel safe? Is it that I feel lonely in it? Is it that I feel sick? It's not going to be easy, but it can be more manageable if you try to think about a task in its easiest possible terms and in ways to make it easier for you.
December 20th, 2020 9:14pm
Sometimes we are experiencing a day where even walking to the bathroom feels too strenuous. We may not even understand why sometimes. It is not necessarily being 'lazy,' but rather your body's energy feeling as though it has been completed expended by being drained in other ways, such as ones mental health for example. If someone is feeling down, for example, they may feel completely fatigued and unmotivated, which is not something that can quite be forced. This is why we as human beings must engage in self-care activities so that we can recharge and work on our healing.
January 2nd, 2021 10:18pm
Sometimes I just can't get out of bed to go to class no matter how important I know it is... However, I sometimes feel like the importance I put on the class makes me more anxious and more likely to not want to go. When I give myself a bit of a break it makes me less scared and less likely to want to avoid it - which ends up making it easier to actually go to class. It is a fine balance between giving yourself a break and also making sure you keep up with your goals. Good luck.
January 7th, 2021 10:18pm
Sometimes, personally school can feel like just another problem to worry about. When I feel that way, I just look for at least one thing thing to look forward to at school, even if it's a bird that just hangs around a particular building. I just look forward to something small and go from there. There is honestly so much going on and this is a very valid question; the fact that you are asking shows that you care. Just remember to be kind to yourself even with questions everything going on right now. You're trying and that's what matters right now.
January 15th, 2021 3:52am
I can't force myself to go to class because I am overwhelmed. On good days, I can manage to survive the sensory overload, but on less good days, I can't. I do my best and attend most of my classes, but once in a while, I take a day. A wise person told me once "It's better to take a day and rest than to have to take a week/month to heal. I can't force myself to go to class all the time because there are too many people. Is it social anxiety? I doubt. I do have an attention deficit disorder and sensory processing difficulties. I am also autistic, but you wouldn't guess until you have been around me enough. Did you know that fluorescent lights have a sound? That sound mixed with 90 people moving, breathing and shuffling pages, others whispering because they missed what the prof said... So did I by now, because I also have a headache from the bright lights and someone wearing very strong cologne. My heart is pounding in my chest because I have no idea what the prof is saying and I was distracted. i was overwhelmed. I can hear, see, and smell everything BUT I can't focus on the prof. I can't go to class all the time because my nervous system needs to rest... So I rest.
January 30th, 2021 11:22pm
It sounds like you are having a hard time going to class, and you want to, but are unable to build the motivation to get to class. There are a variety of reasons for this, but I'll answer with one of the more common reasons. Assuming that the class is online, it might be that it feels like much less of a commitment to go to class, as you can always catch the recording another time. Additionally, online class isn't as attention grabbing as in-person courses are. The best way to beat that is to write out a schedule of when you will go onto online courses and restrict yourself to a specific area when you are doing that. When you consider how effective it is to sleep in your own bed, that has to do in part by how often you have slept in that bed. You need to build up good habits at your respective workspace to avoid spacing out when going to class and recognize that you are making the steps you need to take for attendance.
February 3rd, 2021 7:16pm
It can be difficult to find the motivation to go to class. This is an especially hard situation if it is your first time living away from home and having to attend school. Some people thrive with more structure and the pressure of others helping them to wake up in the morning and get ready for class, and without that, it can be difficult for them to go. Other people feel bored or discouraged in class, and that can work against them wanting to show up for it. Still other people feel that the class is not enough of a challenge, and feel it is a waste of their time to go. There are many reasons someone might find it difficult to force themself to go to class. Evaluating what reasons you identify with most might help you discover why it is so difficult for you.
February 21st, 2021 10:01am
Sometimes we don't have the mood to do anything. If it is class day we tend to skip class. Anxiety and depression can be two of the few reasons why we skip. We don't want to be forced to go because of what we think the other person will see or say. We often try to hide from the reality when anxiety strikes. And sometimes it's good not to tell others because they may not understand how we go through. They will give opinion from their point of view . Sometimes we can't force ourselves to go to class because we just may not have the energy to do any.
March 11th, 2021 8:10am
There are many reasons and you would know best. Below are some possibilities: ○ Could it because your brain perceives danger either physically, psychologically or socially? ○ Could it be because you have something else more interesting and motivating to do than going to attend the class? ○ Lack of motivation to do something also can come from availability of many other options. ○ Mental burnout ○ Physical exhaustion ○ Multiple responsibilities and or obligations other than school ○ Disorganize habit ○ Maladaptive daydreaming There can be 1001 reasons and more and you just have to dig into yourself deeper to gain self-awareness.