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How to get rid of self harm scars?

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Last Updated: 04/09/2021 at 7:20pm
How to get rid of self harm scars?
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March 24th, 2016 12:40am
Well you can't really get rid of them. I still have mine from 5 years ago. Sure, they'll eventually fade, but they won't go away.
March 26th, 2016 4:15am
scars can just fade overtime, but to quicken it bengay can help and you can use concealer for cover up
March 26th, 2016 8:54am
It all depends on what self harm scars there is. Mentally, and emotionally; you can overcome. Physically, just have time, and heal.
March 27th, 2016 9:04am
DermalMD Stretch Mark serum is really moisturizing, but without being greasy! It's very light and doesn't have a heavy or displeasing scent either. I'm really pleased with my results so far. I've only been using DermalMD serum for a few days, but I honestly already see my stretch marks are fading somewhat. I believe with more use they will lighten much more! I have both light and very deep dark stretch marks, and the darker ones are considerably lighter. This doesn't burn my skin or cause any other discomfort.
May 31st, 2016 7:54pm
To get rid of self harm scars you should use bio oil or cell tone oil it will help you get rid of scars
April 5th, 2015 7:01pm
Seek help, and realise that you are not alone. You are better than you think you are, and you deserve better than this.
April 9th, 2015 5:23am
Alot of patience, scars fade eventually. And if you cant get rid of them with patience then my suggestion is to use make up to cover itbup.
June 11th, 2015 11:44pm
In some ways it's not possible to get rid of self harm scars, people defienes 'getting rid of' in many ways, but instead of trying to hide the, you should maybe try to embrace them, because they are a part of you, and they show people that you have had a hard time, and you have thought you're battles, they are a part of you, and they only show the people that, even through you have been to a hard battle, you also won it with only scars!
June 21st, 2015 2:26am
You can use medicated creams available in market and if it's deep you can consult a doctor as well. There are certain surgeries for deep scars. And you can try home remedies also
June 21st, 2015 11:37am
Using bio oil regularly will help any scars or marks to fade a lot more quickly, in the meantime you can cover them up with foundation or concealer. If they are very bad and stay for long time after you've stopped, you could talk to a doctor about it if you feel comfortable doing so, and you might be able to get laser scar removal
June 24th, 2015 11:50am
Try a lotion containing vitamin E. Coconut oil is also good. Though be prepared, if the scars are deep they may not go away. I hope everything is alright and that you have stopped self harming.
Anonymous - Expert in Self-Harm
June 25th, 2015 11:20pm
Fraxel Dual is a skin resurfacing laser treatment that can get rid of scars. It can be pretty pricey, but it works. Scar creams may fade scars, more likely if they are newer. Some people also choose to tattoo over the scars as a cover up. Some makeup made for covering tattoos might work for scarring as well.
June 26th, 2015 8:48am
While there are some creams that help lighten the marks, there is no way to get rid of self harm scars (depending on how severe they are), and while they can sometimes be triggering, it helps to see them as battle scars. They are a reminder that you are strong and you fought and won against the negativity in life. It's hard, but try to embrace your scars and part of your past.
June 28th, 2015 5:38am
Concealer helps to cover for events but to grey rid of scars, moisture is key. Definitely use moisturizer
July 3rd, 2015 5:36am
Getting rid of self harm scars were always a question for me and earlier today I actually looked up a video for it. If you put 2 spoons of baking soda in a bowl and put vitamin e (liquid) into it with it and then stir you can then apply it to the scarred area. Make sure you put water on the scarred area before applying. When you apply it you have to scrub it for a while and the rinse it with water. The first time makes a huge difference and if you keep doing it you will barely notice it is there.
July 8th, 2015 11:09pm
I've found that putting on a skin-colored foundation and setting it with pressed powder clears up the appearance of scars.
July 9th, 2015 7:47am
There's many ways of doing so, these include: Over The Counter: 1.) Try a silicon gel sheet. A silicon gel sheet is an adhesive patch that is applied to the scarred area. These can be used to reduce the appearance of scars within 2-4 months. 2.) Use Mederma. This topical gel is used to reduce the appearance of scars. It contains a number of different ingredients that are considered to work together to repair skin, making it look smoother and softer. 3.) Try Bio-Oil. This oil is applied directly to the surface of scars to reduce their appearance. It also helps smooth out uneven skin tone, useful when your scars are pink, red or brown. 4.) Try other scar reduction creams or gels. There are a number of other scar treatment gels and creams that may help reduce the appearance of scars. Getting Medical Treatment: 1.) Get dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is a procedure that removes the very top layer of skin, similar to scraping your knee. The skin will then heal like a skinned knee will heal. 2.) Ask about skin grafting. This surgical treatment involves removing the very top layer of skin in the affected area and covering it with very thin skin patches taken from the thigh or other part of the body. 3.) Get scar revision surgery. Scar revision surgery is a procedure that changes what your scar looks like by cutting out scar tissue and resewing the skin. 4.) Try laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing involves treating the skin over multiple sessions. Using Natural Remedies: 1.) Apply petroleum jelly to fresh scars. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is a derivative of the oil refining process and is used to create a water-resistant barrier on the skin. 2.) Use vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is typically available in capsules or in small bottles in health food stores or health food sections of grocery stores. 3.) Try aloe vera. Aloe vera is a plant with multiple health benefits, including reducing inflamed skin and moisturizing skin. 4.) Use lemon juice. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent and can help lighten scars. 5.) Use olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil can help reduce the appearance of scars. 6.) Try other home remedies. There are many other natural home remedies that can be used to help reduce the appearance of scars. Some of these include: lavender oil, chamomile tea, cod liver oil, baking soda, cocoa butter, tea tree oil and honey. Covering Up Scars w/ Makeup: 1.) Clean and dry your skin. Makeup is best applied to skin that is free of oil or dirt. Wash the area of your skin where you plan to put the makeup and pat it dry. 2.) Use concealer and foundation. Concealer and foundation can be combined to cover up many scars, especially if they are smaller or lighter in color. 3.) Use a tattoo concealer. Tattoo concealer is a heavy duty, usually water-resistant concealer that can be applied to the skin to cover marks such as tattoos. Wearing Clothing and Accessories to Hide Scars: 1.) Cover scars with long-sleeved shirts and long pants. If you have scars on your arms or legs, wearing clothing to cover up the scars will prevent other people from seeing them. 2.) Wear tights. Tights can cover legs at almost any time of the year and can be paired with dresses, skirts or even shorts. 3.) Wear wrist accessories. If your scars are on your wrists, wear accessories that cover them up. 4.) Wear modest swim coverings. If you want to go swimming, you don’t need to wear a swimsuit that bares a lot of skin. OTHER Methods: 1.) Wear sunscreen. New scars are especially sensitive to ultraviolet rays, which delay the time it takes for a cut to heal. 2.) Get a tattoo to cover the scar. Your scar is unlikely to go away entirely, but you can cover it up and redirect attention away from it with a tattoo. 3.) Accept your scars. Your scars may be something you want to hide or avoid talking about, but they can also remind you about your personal strength. Acknowledge that you went through a very difficult stage in your life and you have grown stronger since then. Thank you.
July 9th, 2015 6:07pm
I think it's good to let them heal, and when they are fully healed you can look at them, as a battle you fought, and won by stopping.
July 17th, 2015 3:56pm
Aloe Vera is always good against self harm scars! Maybe together with propolis which is produced by bees and supports the healing process.
July 17th, 2015 10:14pm
You can cover them up with makeup, if they are still red put a green coat of eyeshadow on it to lessen the redness than apply cover up. You can also find makeup that is made with the colors green and purple that will make the red less noticeable.
July 19th, 2015 7:56am
Bio oil is great for scars and can really help ease their effect, you can use make up to cover up old scars, but I think often, the issue can be not covering up, but learning to accept yourself the way you are.
July 19th, 2015 9:03pm
Personally, I would try Bio-Oil. This oil is applied directly to the surface of scars to reduce their appearance. It also helps smooth out uneven skin tone, useful when your scars are pink, red or brown. A 2-ounce bottle of Bio-Oil costs about $10 and is available at drug stores and online.
July 22nd, 2015 10:25am
I find Jojoba oil is terrific, as much as everyone raves about Bio oil - or other similar oils, they actually contain mineral oil - a cheeky way of saying there is petrol in it!! I stick to all natural 100% jojoba oil, rub it on the scars day and night - keep at it, they begin to fade! This is also pretty useful stuff for dry skin, stretch marks or uneven skin!
July 22nd, 2015 4:36pm
Your scars will eventually disappear. Do not be ashamed of your scars, if you are then cover them up.
July 30th, 2015 2:28am
The easiest most natural way of getting rid of your self farm scars is by just tanning. But since most people are not that easily taned or don't want to be taned, there's another method (only use it on HEALED cuts) which requires only some baking soda (or sugar, but baking soda is more delicate) and your favourite body oil, vitamin e oil etc. So you create some kind of ointment by taking 2 table spoons of each and mixing them up in a bowl. When you are done you just wet the area that you are going to use it on and then take part of your ointment and massage it onto your arm (rub it on there as long as you can! What this does is remove the top of your skin and reveal the healthy skin underneath). Afterwards just wash it off and you're done!
August 13th, 2015 12:56pm
August 14th, 2015 12:44am
I've tried it, i used the juice of the lemon. i took a cotton and placed on it lemon and place it on my scar it didn't work probably on my deep scars but did for my tiny scars… But i recommend you not self harming?
August 14th, 2015 7:46pm
They never go away. You have to wait for them to fade, but they will never end up just going away. I would know with what I went through. :(
August 14th, 2015 8:29pm
I know it might not be for everyone but I have seen people with self harm scars get beautiful tattoos to cover them with something inspirational or that gives them hope or represents their triumphant recovery.
August 15th, 2015 11:03pm
you just let them heal and hide them for now, what you really need to get rid of is the habit of self harming and use an other coping technique