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What should I do if I can't get a job?

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Last Updated: 03/17/2021 at 8:37pm
What should I do if I can't get a job?
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June 9th, 2016 4:51am
Learn more skills, improve your knowledge, stay positive and hopeful and then job will come to you...
June 10th, 2016 4:01pm
Don't give up. Always look for jobs, but worry too much about it. Do things that you like in the meantime, find other options.
June 15th, 2016 1:47pm
Try a different approach in something you enjoying doing or a hobby you may have to create your own source of income. Etsy is filled with talented people making a living off their own creations. Maybe it's your turn?!
June 16th, 2016 9:01pm
It is common during these economic times that persons are without a job but keep applying and if you can, follow up with the applications. You can also take one day to review your resume to see if there are weak spots in it. Example if you need more experience, perhaps consider an internship, or if the application itself needs to be redesigned so that it can stand out.
June 22nd, 2016 11:41pm
Keep trying. But more importantly than that, realize that the more desperate you become, the less likely you will be to find one. Learn to calm yourself. Its essential. A cool head will help you out-think your circumstances while hotheadedness will only make you more anxious and miserable. Secondly, Confidence. That is crucial and linked to my first point. Your confidence level determines your viability for the job in most cases, rather than your credentials. And your confidence level depends upon how composed and collected you are during interviews which is why it is important to keep a cool head to avoid panic. Thirdly, always, if fear does get the best of you, always think "what's the worst that could happen?" and believe me, with a little bit of optimism, the answer is never anything sinister. May God Bless you all. P.S. It is alright to be nervous. Its a good motivator in small doses but keep it in check lest it leads to a high level of anxiety.
June 26th, 2016 3:52am
When I could not get a job, I volunteered and made new connections and open up new possibilities I could not see before.
July 1st, 2016 5:59am
Keep trying. Don't be too specific of where you want to work. Sometimes you just have to work hard to get where you really want to be.
July 6th, 2016 10:17pm
If you cannot get a job, look for internship positions or volunteer-based opportunities. If neither of those work, be patient and continue applying to places. Or, you may consider studying for graduate school admissions if that is what you want.
July 10th, 2016 2:45pm
You can always find something. Even if it's a minor job, like at a fast food joint or grocery store, it's better than nothing! You can always stay at a minor job, and spend your free time looking for something better!
July 12th, 2016 8:23pm
Never stop trying. There is a job out there for you, you just haven't found it yet. There are ways that you can enhance your marketability to prospective employers such as creating or editing a resume to make it look more professional, making sure that you are tailoring your interview answers to the person that is interviewing you, and if you are looking for a job in a specific field, getting more education or unpaid internships will enhance your experience when they ask you "what experience do you have?" Ultimately, it comes down to you being able to sell yourself to the employer, and convincing them that they simply cannot live without you.
July 16th, 2016 10:44am
hi , there are many jobs for you even if you dont get this one :) , i think its good to take failures and over come them , then that's the awesome life :D
- Expert in Work Stress
July 17th, 2016 10:40am
This is my reccomendation after many years of experience and wisdom in hindsight... if you cannot get a job and you really must get one, then you must persevere. Seek out services that can help you find and apply for suitable work. If necessary return to full time study to gain needed qualifications and meet other people who will also be working in your field. Join community groups, do voluntary work and projects to improve and use your skills. Network with as many people as you can, make new friends and take up any causes and projects that you are interested in, within reason. Try not to miss out on having annual and regular holidays or 'working' regular work hours. Maintain your activities during the 'business hours' that once employed, you would like to work. Try to have a social life.
July 17th, 2016 6:51pm
I am already unemployed now. But I am really okay now. In first days, I was so sad and so frustrated.
July 17th, 2016 11:20pm
Volunteer at 7cups of tea, paint, draw, play music, friendship, fam.friendship,dance in the rain, laugh, play video games,
July 21st, 2016 12:58am
Training courses can help with employability. Many job centres offer these free as an incentive to return to work. Think carefully about what kind of job you would like to have and what skills you will need to do that job. This should help with selecting the right course for you. Volunteering can help you gain experience and skills. Many charities and organisations offer volunteering positions. Google volunteering opportunities in your area :)
July 28th, 2016 4:40am
Always keep your mind open to opportunities, and realize that many decisions you make on the way to achieving what you want are just bumps in the road. If that means having to work at a fast food restaurant or doing odds jobs for a few months or a year, then do it. Always keep searching for the job you want, but don't be afraid to "settle" for other opportunities in the meantime.
August 7th, 2016 11:46pm
There are many things that you can do, such as enrol on a course or volunteer locally. If you are struggling for money, then depending on which country you're in, there should be a way of claiming welfare if you are unable to find work due to sickness, ill mental health does count as sickness.
August 10th, 2016 8:35am
Everyone can get a job regardless of anything else.Everyone is equal and can do this-You will get a job.Prepare a CV, look for jobs out there, do research, make relevant applications etc, that kind of thing.If you feel you can't get a job(When everyone can!)then you could go into your local My Council or Citizens Advice Bureau
August 17th, 2016 2:57pm
Don't give up! As long as you continue working hard and don't stop trying, you will eventually get a job. It's also good to be practical. What kind of job are you looking at? Is it in demand? Do your skills match the requirement of the job?
August 30th, 2016 8:30pm
Finding a job can be daunting. I re evaluate my strengths and see if any of them match other job offers I may not have thought about before!
September 4th, 2016 6:51am
Enroll in school and keep trying ask for help with a resume volunteer your time and skills that would help lead to a job
September 17th, 2016 6:45am
Don't give up! Keep looking! Someone is bound to give you a call back! I believe in you and I know you can do it!
September 18th, 2016 3:11pm
Just keep applying, There be an employer who will in time take you on, took me nearly 4 years and now i love my job.
September 25th, 2016 7:21am
Continue trying and simultaneously try not to use extreme words like "can't," "should," "never," or "always." :) You can keep going. Look at all of the unseen options. Is it possible this job isn't the right one for you? Is there another unique way you can seek the job or put yourself out there that you're available? Is there a smaller job that isn't the career you want that you can take in the meantime? Are friends or family hiring? Is there an internship to job opportunity near you, job fairs, or job banks? Keep looking! Don't give up!
September 26th, 2016 10:54am
I will search for the trending and desired skills and will start putting all my time in honing those skills till the level where nobody can reject me. Becoming skillful matters !
October 1st, 2016 9:33pm
Looking for a job can take a significantly long time to do, however the only way you can get one is to just keep trying. Unfortunately opportunities are few, but when one does come up, seize it with both hands!
October 9th, 2016 3:04am
I would try to do some volunteer work to build up your resume a little. Also, you may be able to get a job with the organization you're volunteering with.
October 13th, 2016 1:51pm
You should try to do courses that would give you better qualifications also you should never give up.
October 23rd, 2016 7:07pm
I think you should have plan B and a plan C just in case you don't get one. Keep your options open, if money is the reason.. try to earn money by helping some relatives, friends or someone else. Good luck!
November 5th, 2016 5:42pm
Try getting things done which are obstructing in getting you a job.And focus what areas are your key factors. So that you can improvise your weak points.