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Do rebound relationships ever work?

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Last Updated: 01/27/2022 at 7:52am
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July 11th, 2015 2:09am
A rebound relationship is one that occurs shortly after the break-up of a significant love relationship. If you are in a relationship but have distanced yourself emotionally from your relationship partner, you may begin a rebound relationship before you even leave the relationship you are in. If you move quickly from a long lasting relationship into another relationship then you are probably in a rebound relationship. A rebound relationship can work, but I feel like if it does it's based off of the wrong things. A rebound relationship to me is built to make an ex partner jealous. If you want the truth rebound relationships usually never works out.
December 28th, 2015 5:41am
Never. You cling onto a person because you lost the person you truly love and hope that they are like the other person but they arent
December 25th, 2014 5:54am
Rebound relationships are widely known to be unproductive and sometimes unhealthy. Or are they? Well, that's where the controversy comes into play! According to Theresa DiDonato (PhD), "Recent evidence suggests, in fact, that people who dive into rebound relationships get over their ex-partner more quickly and feel more confident in their date-ability (Brumbaugh & Fraley, 2014). This evidence builds nicely on research showing that individuals with high attachment anxiety are better able to sever their emotional attachment to an ex-partner when they start a new relationship (Spielmann, MacDonald, & Wilson, 2009). Brumbaugh and Fraley (2014) also discovered that less time between a break-up and a new relationship generally predicts greater well-being, higher self-esteem, and more respect for a new partner. " Rebound relationships have many positive effects, but of course, ensure you're going into said relationship with good intentions or else the decision could cause more problems than solve. It should be noted, on the contrary, evidence also suggests that those who enter relationships quicker also tend to compare their new romantic involvement with their previous one -- a con -- but it doesn't necessarily indicate this is always the case. I have provided the research behind this subject, but ultimately it comes down the variables of each person, the relationship, their true intentions, their previous experiences, coping mechanisms, significance of previous and current relationship, and many other factors. The question on whether rebound relationships work is a yes, but it doesn't necessarily mean all will. Remember that. :)
October 5th, 2016 2:33am
No because in a way you are putting a bandaid over a wound and bandaids will fall off over time if you keep it on without ripping it off yourself. It's numbing the pain rather than facing it and bettering yourself
March 15th, 2017 4:59am
Rebound relationships are less about the partner and more about the desire to continue being in a relationship.
December 25th, 2014 9:42am
Whenever people breakup, there is a lot of sorrow. Take a while to step back and relax, life will be ok. Do not rush into anything and take your time to listen to your heart. Just go easy and slow ok?
December 31st, 2014 7:59pm
Yes and no. They usually don't because they are there to help you bounce back and get over your ex. They could possibly work out by finding out that they make you much happier than anything.
September 24th, 2016 1:21am
Sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't matter how a relationship started but how compatible both people are in a relationship.
September 14th, 2016 8:22am
They can. There's no evidence to indicate otherwise. It completely depends upon the individuals involved.
December 25th, 2014 8:44am
That depends. If you're looking for sex and temporary consolation they can, if the other person is okay with that. But I don't think it's a good way to find your life partner/soul mate.
July 8th, 2017 5:55am
It really depends on the situation. The short answer is yes. The long answer depends on how many times you have broken up before, how strong the relationship was, and why you broke up in the first place.
October 1st, 2016 1:36pm
No rebound relationships don't work because youre obviously still in love with your ex and you will feel guilty and you might not enjoy being intimate with your partner because your ex is still at the back of your head. Rebound relationships will cause more harm than good broken hearted person.
December 25th, 2014 1:16pm
Yes! But every relationship is different and with different people so no two relationships are the same. There is no need to have to compare your relationship with others each relationship is as unique and the memories it produces!
September 26th, 2016 6:04am
Never let anyone treat you like an option, you deserve to be someone's priority and not to be by their side only when someone left them.
December 25th, 2014 5:28am
No. It doesn't. It won't. And it will never. There will always be that one person who will get hurt, either it's you, him/her, or someone out of your relationship. Maybe to some, it works. But it will take a lot of sacrifices and risks to make it work for all of you, involved or not.
July 29th, 2017 3:16am
There's nothing saying that a rebound relationship doesn't work. Whether any relationship works or not is dependent on both partners committing to the relationship and to each other. Relationships can start as 'rebound' type relationships but if both partners truly believe there is something between them then it won't matter how the relationship began. In saying that, however, there are times that rebound relationships are only rebound relationships. To make sure you aren't simply a rebound and that there is something more, you must be aware of how your partner truly feels and be aware of how you feel towards them
September 8th, 2015 7:55pm
Any relationship can work as long as both parties are willing to do whatever it takes to make things right.
March 29th, 2016 2:41pm
That depends on what you want/expect from your rebound relationship. If you just want sex to forget about your ex, it should be pretty easy. But some people can't help but get feelings. So we just have to hope for the best, I guess.
December 25th, 2014 5:38am
You never know until you actually try. Sometimes couples need to reflect on themselves so they can be better for one another.
October 17th, 2016 3:01pm
It's wise to try avoid them, as your emotional state may be different to you. embracing flaws is key
September 22nd, 2015 4:59am
They possibly work if the couple broke up over something minor and not something major as a mutually dislike of each other's personalities. I have seen them work but only occasionally.
February 26th, 2017 1:25pm
Of course they could work, because theoretically the two people involved might end up being perfect for each other. But it isn't a good idea to take the risk. By definition, a rebound relationship is not entered into because of the desire of the people for each other, or because of any attachment they have. Hence, it is like playing Russian roulette. You might end up getting somebody you love, or you might end up getting somebody you don't love, and risk having them be attached to you and getting them hurt. Also, you might end up getting attached to them, and you may end up being hurt when they don't feel the same way. After a break-up, the best thing to do is to fully get over the need to still be with your ex partner if it is definite that they will never come back. Then go looking for new relationships.
March 5th, 2017 4:54pm
I believe that it is different with any rebound relationship, it comes down to the two individuals involved. Most of the time when we choose to have a rebound relationship, it's a rebound for a reason.. so most likely we are not intrested to be anymore more. But in some cases it can turn into something more.
May 14th, 2017 7:07pm
Every relationship works to some degree or another, the real problem is for how long? When a person is starting a rebound relationship usually the one who is rebounding is suffering, which can be an opportunity for a hero to step in and save the damsel (or guy) in distress. The problem comes in is AFTER the rebound heals from the bad situations. Sometimes it could be a complete personality shift, and our hero, doesn't fit in anymore. So, it could be a tougher situation to work through and adjust to, that's why the rebound relationships usually do not last that long. However if both could adapt to the safer level, and our rebound person can accept the hero, and the hero doesn't need to rescue anyone else anymore, then sure it could work..
May 16th, 2015 8:46pm
Sometimes. It just depends on the person. Some people still havent gotten over their ex and get too emotional and cant handle moving on from there former loved one. That is why you must move on then when you feel ready you may start a new relationship!
October 8th, 2016 12:39am
You may get lucky, but as a rule they are not destined to work or not. If your mentality going in is simply to avoid thinking about why your last relationship didn't work, you are not likely to have resolved the issues that caused a relationship to fail. That said, those issues are likely to arise again.
October 13th, 2016 5:31am
If you and your partner want it to work, yes. I reckon it'd work if you and your partner tried! :) good luck
August 21st, 2017 6:31pm
No and if they do it has a lot of problems, relationships aren't suppose to be with people who are not even your first choice, you have to love them to want to be with them thats how it works
January 12th, 2019 4:19pm
I think it all comes down to the person. Whether you have a connection; whether you have feelings for them; whether you like their flaws. If you ticked yes on all of it then why not? A lot of people breakup within months after planning to get into a relationship and a lot of people actually end up spending years with the person who they thought were simply just a rebound. So doesn't matter if it's a rebound or not, if you like them then things might just work out in the end for both of you. :)
March 29th, 2016 10:15pm
It's different for everyone, but usually no. You're still upset about your past relationship and moving having a rebound relationship will probably end up with one of you guys being hurt. If you want to go for it however, you do you.