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Is it normal to feel more anxious when you're alone?

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Last Updated: 02/28/2021 at 7:54pm
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November 1st, 2018 2:09pm
Everyone experiences anxiety differently; you cannot try to label what is "normal" It's important to remember that anxiety has many different effects, and recognizing that will help you explore more effective treatment methods. If you personally feel more anxious when you are alone, you can take steps to figure out what exactly it is about being alone. Try to list three reasons why being alone makes you anxious? Are you worried that something will happen to you? Do you miss the company of your friends and loved ones? Figuring out the causes of your anxiety can help you work out the best ways to take care of yourself
November 7th, 2018 4:21am
Yes. Humans naturally want to be with other humans to interact, love, etc. So sometimes when we are alone we become anxious that nobody may want to stay with us or are not going to come back to us. That you might be unsafe as well. Many irrational thoughts can race through our minds when feeling anxiety and loneliness, but remember that this is normal. You are not going crazy. remember that there is always someone around that cares for you and that you are never truly alone! If this anxiety concerns you a lot, reaching out to a loved one or a close supportive friend can help and possibly make you feel less lonely. Breathe and know that it will pass.
November 23rd, 2018 9:05pm
Absolutely! Human beings are the only species on Earth that stress the future and stresses when there is no danger physically present. When we are alone, passive and inactive, it's so very easy to start worrying about the tiniest of things such as something we said not too long ago or what's going to happen at that big appointment next week. One trick is to detach yourself from these illogical thoughts and do not give into boredom. Avoid intoxicants. Pay attention to what triggers your anxiety and avoid anything related to it when you're by yourself. For example, modern news and media only seems to profit off suffering so don't turn it on. Even a favorite TV show can plant a subliminal doubt in our heads, so be mindful of what is going on around you. Also reassure yourself that things are fine and that you're okay. Sometimes anxiety can be caused by what I've heard called a "quality issue," which is something that does not really impact the quality of our lives but we devote our quality time and energy into stressing over it. Such worries will not likely be taking any food off our or our family's plates and certainly not going to stop the Sun from rising tomorrow. Use this time to get to know yourself better and find the little things that you get enjoyment from. A little dancing or coloring can go a long way in alleviating anxiety and just making us feel better.
November 29th, 2018 5:59am
I feel the most anxious when I am alone. Alone time can become time for rumination if there is a problem or situation that I can't take action on at that moment. When I get caught up in the day to day routine It usually takes my mind off of things but when I am alone then it is just me and that unresolved problem, or potential problem or potential problem caused by the last potential problem and it can all spiral out of control. I don't think it is unusual to be more anxious when you're alone at all.
January 17th, 2019 3:02pm
In my opinion, yes, at least, if you don't suffer from social anxiety. When you are in a group of people or in public, it might be easier to control your anxiety, simply because it distracts you. Also, the other people could make you feel as a part of a community, what gives you a certain feel of safety. For myself, I also find that when I am alone, I never know what is going to happrn and I start to feel afraid of the things I might want myself to do. However, it could also be completely different at other times, and then I feel very comfortable on my own, I can use Me-time for reflection and relaxation.
January 31st, 2019 6:36pm
Yes it usually is because if you have company of other people . It is a distraction. Even though we may not be able to open up to them about our anxiety when we are alone we can dwell moreso on anxiety . So its good to keep busy doing something we enjoy which can be of benefit also. Its important to remember there are many people that dont have others with them 24/7 but always enjoy the time and space of being alone. It also depends on your personality as to whether being alone will make you anxious. Over dependent on another person means then if they arent around we cant do certain things without them . Allthough there are certain situations due to illness age etc that we rely on others to be there for us
February 22nd, 2019 1:49pm
I think it is very normal to feel more anxious when you're alone. I think whatever our anxiety is, other people help. Often our anxiety might have to do with being alone. Sometimes other people help us see the truth more clearly. I am often very anxious and then my husband helps me see that everything is going to be okay. But when I'm alone I worry about lots of things. Including worrying about my husband who isn't with me. I thino it is normal to be more anxious alone. But we need to learn the habits other people help us with and practice them alone.
April 27th, 2019 5:21pm
It is absolutely normal to feel more anxious when you’re alone. When we’re around other people we feel safe and protected and they can help distract us from our fears. When we’re alone, we don’t have those comforts and it’s much easier for the anxiety to creep in and build up. I have anxiety too, and I know this is definitely true for me. When I’m around my mom or my fiancée there’s a definite feeling of security, and through conversation or shared activities they can help distract the part of my brain that is trying to be anxious or afraid. Do not feel alone in this. It’s a very common problem with people who suffer from anxiety.
May 18th, 2019 1:58pm
Absolutely. If your thoughts are disturbing you and you get anxious, that is completely fine. Everyone gets anxious about certain things, work, school, relationships. The main challenge is dealing with those emotions and thoughts that make you anxious. Over-thinking problems or issues is probably the reason why you are getting anxious. So try and target the root cause of the problem. Identfify the anxiety, target it and find a solution. Ask yourself, how can I overcome this thought so that it doesn't bother me and doesn't make me anxious? Sometimes we have to forcefully change our thoughts and not let it wonder off! Thinking about things that won't happen and constructing scenarios in your head won't do any good. Keep your mind at ease and at peace, tackle the anxious thoughts.
August 7th, 2019 1:26am
Yes, it is for sure very very normal. There are many reasons you'd feel more anxious alone. Everyones anxiety is different and for some, being alone is when thoughts come; subconscious or conscious. Some could actually not like being alone and it makes them anxious. Maybe figuring out your reason could help you. Ive personally had most anxiety attacks alone or having the attack have nothing to do with people. But yes, all things said, it is absolutely without a single doubt, normal to feel more anxious when youre alone. But still learn to be happy alone always. Its important.
August 28th, 2019 4:15pm
i think it is normal since when you're alone and have no distractions, your mind will bring up all sort of stuff and your worries will get accentuated by all the thoughts that invade your mind.
August 30th, 2019 11:26pm
When we are alone, we are alone with our own thoughts. We are not engaging in conversations with others that would limit the amount of thinking that we may be doing if we are alone. It is possible to have more anxiety when you are alone unless you have social anxiety which generally means you get anxiety when you are amongst large groups of people. For most people being around other people is comforting & being alone a lot of the time by yourself may actually create anxiety as humans are naturally social creatures & do desire to be in the company of others.
September 1st, 2019 1:12am
Autophobia is an anxiety disorder that is triggered by the idea and experience of spending time alone. Like other anxiety disorders, autophobia may lead to some physical, as well as psychological, symptoms. Autophobia can be distressing to experience and may have a negative impact on a person's life if left untreated. Understanding autophobia and how it can be treated helps people who have the condition to manage it better. This article explores the definition of autophobia, its key symptoms, and the treatments available. So yes it is normal to feel more anxious when alone because I know I do. Sending hugs.
September 13th, 2019 3:54am
I think in some cases, yes. I say "some" cases because for example in my case, I tend to be more anxious when there's a lot of people around me. I feel more conscious, I feel like there's too much going on and it's overloading my senses. For others, they may feel more anxious when alone because of the feeling like there's no support around, or no help available in case something happens. For some, I think it's because of a feeling of loneliness. In any case, I think that anxiety can be felt by anyone, anywhere, at any time.
September 18th, 2019 4:15pm
It's completely normal to feel anxious when you're alone. For some of us, it can feel like your anxiety is spiraling out of control when you're by yourself. There are resources out there to help you understand what triggers your anxiety, and help you gain control over your emotions. Meditation can be a wonderful tool for overcoming anxious feelings. Trying a breathing exercise can help you feel more relaxed in moments, as well as interacting with a beloved pet or listening to your favorite Music. Don't hesitate to reach out for help if you think your anxiety is getting the best of you and you are struggling to overcome it!
September 21st, 2019 9:17pm
yes, it absolutely is. it's completely normal to feel anxious when you're alone, or when you're not busy doing something. this is because you aren't being distracted, so your brain is more likely to overthink things. what can help is finding things to do, breathing exercises, and reminding yourself that everything will be okay.
September 27th, 2019 1:55pm
I can only speak from my own personal experience. Whenever I am alone, especially after having been in an overwhelming situation (such as being in a car full of shouting, angry people, or a large crowd) for an extended period of time that could be 20 minutes or more, the second I am left alone, my mind become numb to all feeling, like I can’t fully process what happened, and then 20 to 30 minutes after the emotional numbness starts, all the emotions that were completely muted rush back to me. Of course, that’s an panic attack, but as far as anxiety and anxiety attacks go, when I’m alone for more than 6 hours, I start to get all anxious about being unproductive.
October 6th, 2019 6:15am
From what I've observed, it's more likely for anxiety to come along whilst you're alone, but it doesn't have to be that way. When you're with people, there's enough things on your mind to distract you off your anxieties. However, when you're alone and not too preoccupied, your ever running brain runs into deeper spaces and starts to overthink, or steer into directions that result in anxiety. Some people are very accustomed to being by themselves, and are comfortable in their own skin, so they're probably better off handling such situations. Others may need more social affection and love from people around, and may fall into anxiety traps while being alone. But the key really is to develop confidence and control in oneself over time, and to fend off any negative thoughts with distractions. That kinda wires your head to not go into those dark spaces, over time.
October 16th, 2019 2:39am
Often times, it can feel daunting to be alone, whether that be physically or mentally. I found myself feeling both more anxious and less anxious at the same time. Experiencing social anxiety made me feel worried when having social interactions, yet at the same time being stuck in my room alone made me feel scared. I believe it's the community and the support that make it feel better to not be alone. While I did feel worried, I felt worse when I was engulfed in my thoughts. And often times, that was when I was alone. I believe that humans are social creatures, which is why I feel it is normal to feel more anxious alone. It is because we all need people, support, and love. And that is what 7cups most definitely provides.
October 17th, 2019 1:22am
Yes, i experience this, and i dare say that a ton of other people know exactly what you are talking about. When we are around other people and are engaged in fun activities or conversation, we are a bunch more simulated and we find it easier to take our mind off the subject at hand. When we are alone, there is not any thing that can serve as a distraction. I know for me, my mind seeks out things to be anxious about when it is bored or lonely. I don't know if that's how it is for you, but it may be.
October 24th, 2019 8:31am
It can be normal for person who feels more anxious when they are alone, but it doesn't mean that everyone feels more anxious when they are alone as people are very different. Yes, if you can cope well with being alone and not getting anxious, it is great thing as you can cope more with, for example, breakups, divorce, etc and can also engage in more healthy relationships as you won't go to relationships in order to help coping with mentioned anxiety, but purely because you like the person with who you will go to relationship and also this person likes you. But also feeling more anxious when you are alone is normal, albeit less healthy as you have got less options to adjust to life circumstances you face (living alone, etc).
November 14th, 2019 12:34am
Yes is is very normal, you go through stress while your alone because you think, which leads to overthinking...If someone else is with you, they will get your anxiety calmed because they aren't going to let you think by yourself. When your alone you have nothing to talk to except your mind, which feeds you a lot of anxiety, worry about the future, possible stress, and negative feelings about yourself! This is normal because when you are alone, you feel like there's nobody there for you, but when you aren't alone you are occasionally happy to get your mind off of those negative things.
November 14th, 2019 2:13am
Not for everyone, but it's not a bad thing! I get like this, and When I'm personally alone, it's a bit easier for me to become anxious. The silence bothers me, but I cope by listening to music, drawing, reading or writing. It's a totally normal thing for some people, try to relax, count your breaths, and find a healthy and safe coping mechanism. It's going to be okay, and anxiety is a meanie, but coping with it is one of the best ways to go. If you'd like, make little doodles on your arm with skin safe products even! :)
December 6th, 2019 2:40am
Absolutely. Anxiety is something that can be hard to make sense of sometimes, but there’s no right or wrong, or a definite example of anxiety. Some people are more anxious in social situations, whereas others can be more anxious by themselves. But it can start to make more sense when you break it all down. When you’re alone, you don’t have distractions or other people around to shift the anxious thoughts. If you already have some anxiety, being alone could amplify it. It can leave you open to overthinking, worrying, and then more anxiety. It’s very normal, but I understand it’s not a nice rut to be stuck in. Learning and practising some mindfulness excercises can be really useful in my experience. But if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with anxiety, and you’re worried about it being worse when you’re alone, please feel free to talk to someone about it. You’re not alone and there’s always ways to improve things for yourself. Good luck!
December 13th, 2019 1:21pm
yes, absolutely. sometimes when we are alone and have way much time to think about everything, even things what is not really exist or aren't really able to make you nervous, when you are staying alone they are comes to your head and you cant make them gone alone... at this time you want someone to talk, about anything positive... and you will not even able to think about bad stuff and mobilize for the moment. if you dont want to talk with someone, go out somewhere even alone for fresh air or just talk with yourself at home... relax.
December 13th, 2019 10:22pm
I feel like it is normal, from personal experience. When I am alone I begin to think more, and my overthinking can sometimes lead to feelings of anxiety. I begin to think about why I am alone to begin with, maybe about how if I were "more fun," I would be hanging out with a friend instead. I also get worried about my future, if I will have to spend loads of time alone then, things that I wouldn't think about around other people. But then I remind myself that there are just thoughts in my head, and that I do not feel them when other people are around.
December 15th, 2019 5:33am
I think each of us experiences anxiety differently so I think it is common to feel that way. One way to look at it is: when we are alone, the anxious or negative thoughts can get louder. No one is around to distract us from what goes on inside our heads. I find that to be true for me. One example is when we try to go to sleep, but we are stressing about what happened that day. We may have gotten through the day okay, but then we are alone with no distractions. I'm wondering if you can try to treat yourself with loving kindness during those times. I know it's not easy, but you deserve to be gentle with yourself. I know how exhausting this can be. Hang in there.
January 5th, 2020 6:26pm
Sometimes, yes, but it doesn't help. So instead of feeling anxious you could try to occupy yourself with many other things. Just as reading, watching films, talking to strangers, talking to phone, cooking, having a hot bath and relaxing, doing meditation, going a walk to the nature, shopping, running, painting, singing, listening to music....there are so many thing to enjoy when you are alone! So if anxiety comes then immediately you can do one of all the above, or more than one. Chores and cleaning is also a nice way to reduce stress and anxiety...sleeping as well!
January 29th, 2020 4:27pm
It is definitely normal to feel more anxious when you're alone in my experience. When I am alone, that means I am left with my own thoughts and no distractions. My brain has more opportunity to jump to anxiety inducing thoughts and worries. I think it helps to have options lined up in advance for how you can keep distracted and engaged when you're alone. I like to have a list of possible activities so when I'm alone and anxious I do not have to brainstorm what to do, I just have to look at my list! Some examples from my personal list are: read a book, doodle, go for a walk, watch a movie, have a shower, listen to an album, write to a friend, call somebody, clean or organize the house, meditate, play a video game. I find it helps to keep busy.
January 31st, 2020 9:36pm
It's normal to feel anxious at any time. Like humans, it takes all different forms. The only thing you can do when feeling anxious is to keep going and get through it. You can't change how you feel in a day. It might take years for you to be completely better. Anxiety is a serious illness and a lot of people don't understand how it affects a person's life. Saying "It's all in your head!" "You're faking it for attention!" and the like. You shouldn't pay attention to them, or if you want to help someone you can try to teach them and change their minds. Although it's easier said than done.