What should I do if people think I am lying?

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Last Updated: 10/17/2019 at 6:50pm
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February 9th, 2018 8:10pm
What other people think is up to them. You are the individual person who doesn't have to justify yourself to other people. If someone thinks you are lying, it's not about you. It's about them. Wonder yourself what made you think that. Do they lie often so they see everyone else is lying them. People see world through their own lences, and there are no two same pair of lences. So don't worry about other's opinions.
February 10th, 2018 11:37pm
Check and make sure your not. If your not, then tell them that you are telling the truth. If they choose not to believe you then they are worthy of your presence.
February 13th, 2018 1:32am
Do your best to reassure them that you are not lying and that your actions are genuine, but if they do not see it through then that is their loss. Not yours :)
February 16th, 2018 1:08pm
If it's important to you, you should give them all the evidence you have to support what you're saying. If that doesn't work, there's not much you can do so you shouldn't worry about it. Accepting the things you can't change is an important part of life, and it may hold you back but you'll get through it.
February 21st, 2018 3:58am
Think of why they might think that you are lying. Then, determine the best course of action to defend yourself. If after attempting to defend yourself, you're still not believed it may be time to let it go.
February 23rd, 2018 4:42pm
Being open an honest consistently with people can help prevent people ever thinking you're lying in the first place. If someone does think that of you, you can always push forward and continue to be open, show them you have nothing to lie about
February 25th, 2018 4:14am
Work on building up trust and being a generally honest person. If they still don't believe you then it's their loss and you shouldn't have to feel the need to prove yourself to them time and time again.
March 9th, 2018 6:02pm
looking for answers on the internet.. we've all been there. its okay. But please read this and understand where I'm coming from. I know many of you who are reading this are stressed, nervous, and don't know what to do in your current situation. To start off, DONT lie. Trust me its going to get you in shit. Take it from a girl who always lies just to save her self from getting in trouble. Yup. I always lie to my parents because I know what I did was wrong, but I didn't want to get introuble. It really is scary when you get caught of something you're not supposed to do. So my advice to you is don't ever lie and don't do something you know is gonna get you in shit. Always tell the truth no matter what, and no matter what happens, listen to whatever your parents have to say. Stay calm, and eventually the problem will be dead. Just do the right thing from now on. Don't be stupid. Think twice before you do something dumb. I hope you read this all. And if you did, I hope this helped you. Remember, we are humans and humans aren't perfect. we all make mistakes to either expirience things or to see how its like. So don't worry and don't stress everyone goes through shit and gets through it eventually. STAY STRONG.
March 28th, 2018 3:46am
If you feel this is happening you can always reach out and get facts to help back up your clams, by pics or Voice record
March 29th, 2018 2:53am
When people think you are lying it is important to stay calm and to tell the truth. Give reasons as to why it is the truth compared to the alternative can help reassure the other party you are being honest. Try not to fidget and sometimes personal gestures can help too.
April 5th, 2018 9:33pm
you cant always convince people. even when its the truth, what matters most is that you know that your being honest with yourself and other people.
April 6th, 2018 6:26pm
Be as honest as possible. You cannot change the way people think. Just be most authentic self with others and they will understand that you are truly the person you express yourself to be.
April 14th, 2018 12:05am
Find out why they think that. Sometimes some people do not recognize the truth. Or, you’ve lied in the past.
April 29th, 2018 8:02am
Think about why people perceive you as a liar. They may be right, they may be mistaken. You don't have to over-explain yourself to people who treat you with mistrust
April 30th, 2018 9:42pm
If people think I’m lying it is thier opinion. I have in fact been in this position and found it very distressing when family members and friends have thought I was lying. The mistruths I have told we’re to stop others from getting hurt. There are certain things adult try to spare tier children. Other people I just pray will become victims of thier own karma. This is a piece I have written without the over thinking process !
May 2nd, 2018 10:07pm
If you aren't then let them know, if they won't believe then try ignoring them. Yeah I know that can be hard, but sometimes that's the best way to go about things.
May 10th, 2018 5:59pm
Ask them what you could do to show that you are telling the truth, and then do that. In the case that they ask for unreasonable proof, remind them that you are happy to give them proof, but that what they are asking for is impossible or unreasonable— and then explain why it's unreasonable, and ask for another way you could prove it. If you can't come to an agreement, it might be time to accept that they won't believe you at all, at least not now.
May 17th, 2018 11:19pm
I believe that conviction in your own beliefs is more important than having other people believe in you. From there, if you seek their support, you should try and prove your point kindly and politely by stating the reasons why you believe in whatever you believe in. If they still think you are lying, then you are probably better off not bringing the subject up again.
May 26th, 2018 12:33pm
In my experience, it helps to accept that no matter what, some people will always question you/your stories. I try to remain authentic, to the point and patient. We all questions things, it's human nature, but if you remain honest there's literally nothing more you can do so be strong. Lastly, actions speak louder than words, you can always show people who you are instead of telling them :)
June 1st, 2018 10:35am
It depends on wether I really am lying or not. If I am lying, I must think carefully of what pushed me to lie and why I let it affect me. If I am not lying, I shouldn’t care so much for what people think because I know eventually the truth will be seen and judgemental people will eventually feel bad for misjudging honest people.
June 6th, 2018 12:51am
It depends on if it's from past experiences with you or possibly just wrong group of friends. If it's from past lies you just keep on proving you have changed. If they cant accept that over time may need new friends
June 21st, 2018 7:20pm
If you’re telling the truth but people don’t believe you, honestly there’s not much you can do besides ignore them! It’s their problem not yours because you did your part, so continue with your life and don’t pay attention to people who think you’re lying :)
June 24th, 2018 10:41pm
Don’t continue to argue that you’re not lying by getting angry at their distrust, if you’re telling the truth show clam behavior, you have nothing to hide, and if possible provide evidence to your claim. If you still can’t sway your audience, the. Let it be, don’t dwell on it, you can’t change other people’s thoughts!
June 30th, 2018 2:36pm
Let them know they are wrong and causing problems for you for no reason. Also try and get some evidence or other people to back you up
July 7th, 2018 6:40am
To be honest, I do experience it often. I feel pissed off sometimes, but then let go by thinking I have done my job by telling them the truth. Others believing in me or not is completely their problem;-)
July 10th, 2018 2:00pm
It's hard not to get defensive or mad but try not to if you can help it. If you're telling the truth, no need to explain yourself even if you feel you need to. Just smile and nod and eventually the truth will come to light. Not all situations play out that well though but I tell myself, "who cares if they think I'm lying, I did nothing wrong so why worry." If they don't believe me, they're not worth my time.
July 18th, 2018 12:36am
Often, if someone thinks you are lying, it is because they have a truth they prefer already set in their own minds. As frustrating as it can feel, your truth doesn't gain or lose value based on if others believe in it or not. If someone doesn't accept your truth, don't push it. Care for yourself and support those who support you.
July 18th, 2018 3:33am
If people think that you are lying, the best thing to do is to believe that what you are saying is true. Acceptance by others shouldn’t be the first priority. :)
July 19th, 2018 8:17am
You are true and people think that you are lying ,than as per my opinion you will never have to give explanations that you are true , time have lot of power to prove you true
July 21st, 2018 9:40pm
Well, people are going to think what they want to think-right. Thing is to not stress yourself over proving everything about you and what you do. Know you are doing right and not lying. Things will get better over time.