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Why do people hate me for no reason?

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Last Updated: 11/17/2020 at 9:11pm
Why do people hate me for no reason?
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- Expert in Bullying
December 2nd, 2014 7:44pm
People can hate others for many reasons, jealousy is the usual cause of most hate from individuals and or groups in most cases. Others just crave the attention from others, and because they are unhappy with something in there own life and putting others down somehow makes them feel better which is never ok.
- Expert in Bullying
December 2nd, 2014 4:32pm
A lot of the time, hate arises from misunderstanding, or not knowing someone well enough yet and forming judgements instead of getting to know them better.
- Expert in Bullying
December 2nd, 2014 3:51pm
They do not hate you, trust me love. People need a reason to hate, and hate is a very strong word. So I wouldn't understand why people would just hate you, I'm sure they don't, you're just putting these thoughts in your head. And to support you, I don't hate you! :) Take care, honey.
- Expert in Bullying
August 25th, 2015 6:07am
I think why most people "hate" a particular individual for no reason is because they don't understand who you are completely, like if you look different or act different then what society wants. People don't like who they can't understand.
- Expert in Bullying
August 16th, 2015 10:19am
If people hate you for no reason then it is because they're jealous and you yourself are too awesome for them
- Expert in Bullying
July 4th, 2015 4:57pm
Hating someone for no reason according to me is not having better to do in life, maybe it's because they don't have something that you have etc. You should try to avoid those people who hate you and try to meet new people who will appreciate you for who you are.
Anonymous - Expert in Bullying
August 2nd, 2015 4:17pm
I have had people hate me for no reason in the past and, as much as I don't like to admit it, I have hated people for no reason when I was younger as well. I feel like everyone does it for a different reason to be honest. I personally did it because I felt like I was better than others at the time. Although, I also feel like I hadn't been through enough in my life to learn how much you can really hurt someone by hating on them for no reason. Once I became a loner and started feeling lonely and my mom's health got worse and I struggled more and more in life, I witnessed pain and how it can really effect someone in a negative way. If anyone hates you for no reason, they usually haven't experienced enough of pain in life to realize how it can effect others. therefore, they don't realize how their hatred towards you can be very impactful. To put it in its simplest form, they haven't grown up yet.
July 4th, 2015 1:18am
People hate you for no reason because they are closed-minded, and judgemental. They go by stereotypes, and not who you truly are. You are truly an amazing person, and not everyone hates you. If you ever need support, feel free to message me, or any other listener. We are here for you anytime we need you :)
December 2nd, 2014 10:59pm
You have a perception of how people view yourself. However, you cannot control how others feel about you. The only thing you can control is how you feel. Do not let other peoples' opinions on yourself change the way you view yourself.
July 19th, 2015 2:14pm
There can be several reasons. They can be jealous of something you have but they don't. They never talked to you but judge you from things they heard about you. You wear something that might not fit in their opinion. Maybe you don't look like they would like you to look. In my opinion, if everyone likes you, you do something wrong. I mean, we try to impress people with our clothes, our body, make-up, new stuff we buy. Never try to impress people that aren't worth it. Never change for a person just to fit in or to have friends. Real friends like you the way you are. It can be hard to be yourself and go your own way in a world full of judgemental people. But if you go your own way and haters don't bother you, then my dear, you do everything right! Laura x
August 12th, 2015 4:28am
Because they dont know who you really are, and people have always had the problem of hating what they dont know
December 2nd, 2014 2:13pm
I have also asked the same question to myself over yeats and the answer to this is that they dont really hate you. They hate themselves really. And they are scared of this self hatred and project it towards you. But look at the big picture and you will find that those people will hardly matter in your life in long run
August 16th, 2015 7:50am
Because they need attention. What haters are most afraid of is silence. They feel their existence when they know that you heard their voice. So don’t talk back or argue with them. They would only get more excited. Don’t try to reason with them. Don’t. Even. They won’t bother listening. They just need your response to know that someone actually cares about what they think or what they have to say.
January 3rd, 2015 7:43pm
Don't talk about yourself very much at all when you talk to people. Make believe that you are talking to the most interesting person in the world (every time), hang on to what they say and ask questions about what they tell you. The secret to getting people to like you is to take interest in them. Ask them about their day, particularly what they've been doing the last few hours, their work, their interests. You don't get people to like you by talking about yourself. But this is a skill you must work on and it's a process.
June 27th, 2015 6:19am
People would hate you for reason because you have a magic wand and they are jealous of that magic wand.
July 29th, 2015 4:04am
They are probably jealous of you and dying to be like you, so they feel like they can hate on you instead.
August 8th, 2015 3:11pm
Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!
March 26th, 2015 10:19pm
A lot of people feel this way. There are times where some people have difficulties expressing their emotions, so it may come off as they hate you. Keep your head up and stay strong.
July 15th, 2015 8:00am
Some people hate others in order to make themselves feel above you. When a person is below you it can give some people a sense of power. You are who you choose to be and if you are being hated on, there is always a reason, a stupid reason that they wont admit but a reason nonetheless. Your most powerful weapon is to not be bothered by it. Embrace it and live your life the way you want.
July 25th, 2015 4:39pm
Many people don't hate others it could be from jealousy.Many people feel jealous if you have something they don't have. Instead of being positive and happy for you they decide they want to beat you down and make you suffer just like they have to.
June 19th, 2015 1:17pm
There could be a lot of reasons, I think I've experienced most of them. People could dislike you because they're jealous or insecure. Maybe deep down they think you're better than them, more attractive, happier, or have something they want. Another reason could be because there's a misunderstanding. Maybe one day you were staring into space and they thought you were giving them a nasty look. Maybe there is an issue because of a misunderstanding or a rumor. No matter the reason, understand that it is not your fault.
August 13th, 2015 5:07am
Some people are just jealous of your awesomeness. It's important to ignore these jerks and get a move on. Not everyone hates you. Embrace your you-ness!
July 3rd, 2015 8:56am
Theyre just weird, you already know its for no reason. So just do your best to surround yourself with people who like you and ignore those who hate you for no reason, Lots of love to whoever feels this way (I used to feel like this a lot too)
January 14th, 2016 3:12am
Because society likes to surround you with idiots, way too often. The simplest thing to do is ignore their invalid opinions.
August 9th, 2015 6:21pm
No one hates you for no reason. If they hate you, it's normally because they are jealous because you have something they don't.
July 1st, 2015 2:50am
They dont. People in general can be cruel. If they are cruel to you, then I suggest changing who you are around. Do not put yourself in this situation. You don't deserve it.
August 12th, 2015 7:04pm
Some people dont accept that everybody is different, and try to avoid others or treat them bad. Even the smallest things like the clothes you wear or music you listen make some people deslike you.
December 9th, 2014 4:30am
Hey dont hate you, they have many thoughts about your life and they think that your life is so perfect, whrn you only want to fall, they dont know you, but they think that you dont deserve all the "good things" you have
July 31st, 2015 5:44am
People hate me because I think they are jealous! I think its crazy for someone to hate you when they have real self esteem issues andthey take that out on everyonelse and that's shame.
June 24th, 2015 2:23am
A closely related problem is when someone is part of a social group, either one they've been in for a while, or which they've recently joined, and feel like their friends are indifferent to them or tend to ignore them.