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How can I open up to people more even if it scares me?

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Last Updated: 03/24/2021 at 3:52pm
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August 3rd, 2016 6:51am
[This is a difficult question for me.] What I had always been doing is to add up a bit of humor whenever I want to open up to somebody. It helps me to feel a bit relaxed and less awkward and lighter.
August 6th, 2016 12:22am
Learn to trust people and try my hardest and never give up !! Even if you are scared I know we can overcome this
August 6th, 2016 7:21am
Sometimes we have a goal in mind, but focus only on the end game. It's okay to take one thing a step at a time. So you can start with trusting one person and just sharing one thing with them. Whether it be something serious or light-hearted, share it. That will help you get used to the idea of being able to share something with someone.
August 6th, 2016 7:11pm
I think it is best to first start with someone or a small group whom you know really well and who really cares for you. Then, try to pluck up some courage to talk to someone. Be polite and be yourself. As you get to interact with more people, you become more aware of your own self when opening up and get more comfortable. :)
August 14th, 2016 2:53pm
Try ask them about their life first, and then open up as they're opening up. Usually people will find it less scary and be inclined to think that the person they talk to isn't judgmental only after they admit about their own mistakes and their own past. Start with something small and work your way up
August 17th, 2016 10:11am
Opening up to people is a very scary thing to do and can be difficult.Think about what it is that scares you the most and work from that.You could also find another way of expressing what you need to open up about such as writing a poem, drawing a picture or finding quotes which describe you.People won't mind how you open up so long as you do.
August 17th, 2016 8:09pm
Opening up to people can be a very gratifying experience and it can be a massive weight off your shoulders. Relief is a common feeling.
August 18th, 2016 11:30pm
Start slow and build up your courage from there. Start by people you really trust and express your feelings as much as you can, don't push yourself too much. Remember that if they care about you they won't judge you or make you uncomfortable so believe in yourself and that you can do it. Don't pressure yourself to open up if you can't, do what feels natural.
August 21st, 2016 11:13pm
you can open up whenever you want there's no time and limit to it when your comfortable reach out if not take all the time you need and when you need it we'll be here ready to listen or even your teachers and parents and close friends would be able to lend a ear.
August 26th, 2016 4:32pm
You just have to learn to trust people. It's not easy but you have to try ☺. If you still can't, thats what 7 cups is for. Talk to one of the listeners and you'll be able to start opening to people
August 27th, 2016 2:31pm
Start off small, if you don't feel comfortable enough with something then there's no reason to have to say it aloud. Opening up doesn't mean having to do it all at once and have to adjust to it immediately. Opening up means having enough courage to say something about you, without worrying about what the other person says. It takes time, don't force yourself to do it, let it happen. Tell yourself to decide what you want to say and what you're not quite ready to tell.
September 3rd, 2016 9:40am
try to talk to them normaly, be wise when you chose the person to talk too, don't tell about your private life after 2 days of meeting, be normal, some people will have a good relation with you, keep them, in general you should wait about 7 months to know if the person is reliable or not, don't be too open neither too close.
September 4th, 2016 10:47am
I'm myself scarred to open up to people. At first, I let people come to me on their own but I realized that we must take a little step towards them. You do not have to show you too much but try to speak with one of them and then let the time does its work
September 7th, 2016 1:07am
Take small steps. Choose a person you really trust and open up a little at a time. You don't need to be an open book for everyone.
September 7th, 2016 6:34am
Try to realize that they are here to listen and understand what you are going through. No one is here to judge.
September 9th, 2016 3:17pm
It was quite slow for me, growing up I didn't have many people to talk to and be open to. I think my sister pushed my out of my shell a bit, I started talking to her more about how I was feeling and such. Slowly but surely it became easier. I think it is mainly just practice. Now I constantly push myself to say things that I would rather keep to myself, whether it be something I am embarrassed about, something super personal or just what I ate for breakfast this morning. Now that I think about this a bit more I also started speaking more to people online. I made a lot of friends and it was so easy to speak online, you have time to think, choose your words carefully etc. I think speaking to people online helped me become more comfortable with talking and slowly but surely it transferred into my day to day communication and I have grown more open in the past years. It took a lot of time, it doesn't just happen overnight, but intimidating myself, pushing myself, even though I was scared, is what helped me grow more comfortable in the end.
September 9th, 2016 11:18pm
It's easier to talk over text in my opinion. After you get your problem out of the way, you can probably talk to them in person easier.
September 11th, 2016 5:42am
It's often best to start off small finding someone you can trust, with a small topic that you want to tell them and go from there. I know it can be scary, however maybe by starting off small it will decrease your fear and how scared you are. I hope you find a way that works for you, this is how i learned to open up to people.
September 12th, 2016 3:08pm
well it will be hard, its not an instantaneous thing, you need to work on it. they say to make it you need to fake it
September 16th, 2016 12:10am
I understand you are anxious to talk to people. You can try starting out slow and not pressuring yourself to open up if it's too much.
September 24th, 2016 10:27am
By choosing the right people to open to at the begining until you are confident enough to just be open constantly. Choose understanding, loving people you can open to, people who has proven they care and won´t judge you for who you are, it sounds weird but there are many people in the world who just accept you for who you are.
September 24th, 2016 2:59pm
You can try slowly practicing in front of close friends or family and gradually try harder things. Take your time and try to enjoy it.
September 25th, 2016 7:47am
Ask yourself why it scares you - be honest, and then see if you can do anything to rectify that underlying problem.
September 28th, 2016 10:18pm
Maybe taking small steps one at a time to share small safer aspects with people that you trust and then if you feel safe and supported then you might be able to share a little more?
September 29th, 2016 12:23am
Sometimes it can be really hard opening up to people weather you trust them or not , but sometimes it's best to open up to people around you , the right people like friends and family just care for you and it's always best you to talk to them about whatever you need , they are your first line of support and although difficult , will get easier with practice :)
October 7th, 2016 3:28pm
Everything comes down to trust.....If you're going to open to someone there has to be a standing know you can first trust this person then you can slowly open up to this person.
October 7th, 2016 6:12pm
Opening up to people can be a very scary thing, especially in the sense of trust. Opening up is a risk, but most likely it's for the greater good.
October 11th, 2016 3:32pm
I also struggle with opening up to those around me. I recommend baby steps. Start off small by simply telling your loved ones about your day. Tell them your thoughts, feelings and actions throughout. Simply releasing the days stress can make many things easier. Afterwards once you are comfortable speaking about your daily life then deeper subjects will come naturally.
October 12th, 2016 6:52pm
I need to realise that it will help me to open up. I will not bottle my feelings and will not get sick as easily. It is sometimes just difficult to start, but then it can get easier.
October 15th, 2016 7:13pm
You need to face your fears! If opening up to people scares you then you need to do it. Why prevent someone from getting to know you when you have such great qualities? And if they do not like you then thats ok, accept yourself. That is most important.