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The Mindfulness Center welcomes you to a place where it is okay to just be, and not worry about 100 things. You can observe nature or your own room, follow your breath going in and out, or be aware of your feet touching the sidewalk as you head home. It is all mindfulness. 

There are no hard and fast rules on how to be mindful, and you do not have to do anything a certain way. There are guidelines to help us stay on the path of mindfulness, like in the Daily Checkins, where team members share insights and tips about mindfulness. You can join in the discussions there, or in any of the forum threads. 

You will also find videos in the resource center that talk about what is mindfulness and guide us on a journey to having an actual experience right now of what it feels like to be free of our “thought train”, as we let ourselves go and relax a bit. If all of this sounds good, join us for hosted sessions in which you can discuss and experience mindfulness first hand. 

Introduce yourself to mindfulness community here!

See the mindfulness video resource library https://www.7cups.com/forum/MindfulnessSupportCommunity_106/ResourceLibrary_1062/

And see the latest schedule of mindfulness sessions: https://www.7cups.com/forum/MindfulnessSupportCommunity_106/TeamAnnouncements_1365/

click on the "Mindfulness Schedule Thread"

Mindfulness DBT: Observe-3

by @EmunahHere 2 days ago
16 hours ago

Mindfulness Daily Check-in Jan 23

by @ASilentObserver 4 hours ago
1 hour ago
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Community Guidelines

Stop and breath. Respect yourself and have compassion for what you are going through. 

Notice what is happening around you that your senses are telling you. Feel the breath go in and go out.

Feel good about yourself. Life has brought you on a journey up to here. That is reason to celebrate and appreciate all that life offers. And listen and feel the breath!

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