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Group Support: Discussion & Forum

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Check in Today: Sep 27

Welcome to the Group Support Community, a place where listeners and members can gather information, share feedback, and learn together!

Find our Group Support Discussion Schedule HERE.

New to the 7 Cups community? Members, click HERE and Listeners click HERE for more information about getting started on your 7 Cups journey.

For information about joining group support rooms click HERE.. For the Group Support Rotation Schedule, click HERE

Keeping group rooms safe and supportive is a top priority at 7 Cups. Please familiarize yourself with the chatroom rules located at the bottom of each chat room. Click HERE to learn more about group room safety.  

Please join us in our newest and most popular room, Sharing Circle Here you will find the opportunity to share your thoughts with the community and receive personal support, . Once you have experinced all the rooms have to offer, you are invited to join the team as a host. For information on joining the team as a host by click HERE.

Listeners, would you like to join the Group Support Team? Click HERE for Room Supporters or HERE for Community Centered Moderators.

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