How can I stop someone from hurting me when they don't care about my feelings?

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How can I stop someone from hurting me when they don't care about my feelings?
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December 9th, 2016 1:56am
A person who genuinely does not care for your feelings either misunderstands them and can be persuaded to understand, or they are potentially toxic to your well-being. Communication is key. If you feel safe enough, start the conversation. If their response isn't what you need, consider moving on from this relationship for your own emotional health.
January 25th, 2017 2:50pm
Remember that you don't have to have anyone in your life that doesn't care about you. I suggest talking to them and and telling them you don't feel like you're cared about in the relationship.
January 25th, 2017 7:29pm
I think the best solution to this problem is to address it first, tell them openly how their actions are affecting you, if they continue the best thing is to ignore them.
March 16th, 2017 6:57am
Assert to them how they are hurting you. If they refuse to listen, then it is up to you whether to stop associating with that person. You deserve to be with people who care about your feelings. Your feelings are valid. Let no one tell you otherwise.
April 8th, 2017 1:41am
If they don't care about your feeling the best way to make them stop is to avoid them altogether, they aren't worth your time or effort.
April 27th, 2017 3:54pm
Don't associate with then anymore. You already know they don't seem to care so why should u waste your energy in someone like that. At the end of the day you have to make the hardest decision in order to open more opportunities to meet new people. So the hardest decision being letting go of the person.
June 10th, 2017 9:59am
Build healthy boundaries around yourself. Learn to say 'No' politely in 19 different ways. Nasty people don't deserve how we feel.
June 25th, 2017 3:54am
Don't get too close to them and don't share too much information, because sharing too much information like secrets and little things about you can often lead them closer to which they can easily hurt you. ( I don't know how to exactly put it into words so I did my best. )
November 26th, 2017 5:42am
If someone doesn't care about your feelings, they probably don't care about you either. Having people that don't care about you in your life isn't good for your emotional state. Removing these people from your life is the best way of not letting them hurt you anymore. If you can't do that, then minimize the time you spend with that person. Another thing you can do is understand that their words are just words, and they don't mean anything. They are just saying those things to hurt you, and letting them do that is just letting them win. Realizing that having that kind of toxic person in your life just isn't worth it is a great way of not letting them hurt you anymore.
December 8th, 2017 6:39am
Sometimes the only thing you can do can feel like the hardest thing to do, and that's to simply remove that person from your life. It's easier said than done, and losing someone is never easy, but if someone doesn't care about your feelings and continuously hurts you, you owe it to yourself to demand better of people. If the person can't respect you and your feelings, you truly don't need them. It may take time, but it's sometimes the only way to truly get away from abuse.
December 29th, 2017 8:20am
Well first off I want to apologise deeply to anyone who is in this situation, I believe no one deserves this. Yet one way to stop it is to completely stop letting them hurt you. This is not meant to sound selfish and I am not blaming the person, yet sometimes we have full control of the situation, we are just too attached or do not know how to detach. One main key is To completely cut off communication and see them at least as possible. They can’t do anything more if they are not given the chance, block them on any social media’s etc. Yet if you still come face to face with them, best is to distract yourself away from the conversation, or if they say something hurtful, do not answer back because that will just fuel them negatively. After all this is achieved, emotionally you need to cut them off, this is the hard part and there is no time limit for when this is achieved. I can’t tell you how to do that because some situations may differ from others, but stay strong and know that anyone who hurts you deserves to stay in the past not the future.
December 30th, 2017 5:20pm
If they don't care about your feelings, it's probably safe to assume there's nothing you could do to stop them from hurting you. Take care of yourself and do what's best for you and your safety.
June 21st, 2015 6:35pm
Just ignore them, if they try to bring you down it only means they are bellow you to begin with. Just try and ignore them
July 2nd, 2015 7:56pm
Generally we can control our attitudes towards people but most of the times we don't get things back the same way. Sometimes we get hurt , intentionally or not, by people we care about. In that case, the first step to take would be to try Calmly and Smoothly raising the issue with them. Do not confront them at first as it can just get things worst and get them to be defensive. If after multiple trials, talking calmly does not improve the things. Consider your relationship with them again and answer to questions such as: How important are they in my life? parents, close friends, ... How would it affect my life if I did not have to deal them any longer? Ask yourself those kind of questions, and if you feel like you will feel better without them. Just explain them a last time how you feel about the situation and how you won't be able to support it any longer. Then just give yourself a break from them and hopefully if they care about you they will changer their behavior and otherwise, you will not have to be hurt any longer.
July 10th, 2015 6:30am
If somebody do not care about your feelings, it means that you do not mean anything to them. So I think you should cut them off from your life. It is better than being continuously hurt by them. I was in such a relationship for 3 years and I suffered, a lot. Then my brain started to work and I decided to cut them off.
July 25th, 2015 8:15pm
Forgiveness is the best medicine for a hurt feeling. Especially when both parties can sit and talk like grown-ups. But when one side doesn't care how much the other hurts despite knowing what he's doing is hurtful, you might as well limit your contact with the other party.
August 12th, 2015 11:42am
Always try to tell them how their behaviour is making you feel....then if they persist im afraid distancing yoursself so that you limit their ability to hurt you would be my advice. Believe in yourself.x
August 13th, 2015 5:29pm
Sometimes you just can explain people that their actions hurt you so you try to hurt yourself. You can't actually stop someone from doing that, but you can stop yourself from communication with them.
August 14th, 2015 11:03am
You can talk to them straight up, or talk to an adult if they are really harassing you. You shouldn't be under attack at any time, you deserve to be happy.
August 14th, 2015 2:50pm
I would just sort of review if it is worth it to let that person keep doing it. Is it really worth my happiness? Do I really want to continue to live in pain just to keep from losing that person? My answers would be no. Because I want to be happy and not be in pain. And if they get upset, then oh well. They can deal with it. But I want to be happy and my happiness is worth more than my distress. And I would pick happiness over that someone every time.
August 15th, 2015 2:48am
To ignore them, and know they're trying to hurt you, shouldn't hurt you. Be yourself and stay strong
August 16th, 2015 9:07am
Act like you don't care either. And gradually your actions will become your reality. That's all I would say.
September 22nd, 2015 6:00pm
you can stop someone else from hurting you by ignoring their bad attitude and by believing that what that someone is doing is not the reality
December 23rd, 2015 12:33pm
You need to get away from them. You should not be near someone who wants you to feel bad and should never reply to them or even pay attention to them, I know thats hard but its the best you can do.
December 25th, 2015 5:59pm
You need to leave them. If you have told them how they make you feel and thy still haven't tried to change then you should cut them out of your life
January 8th, 2016 11:50am
The best thing to do in these types of situations is to remove yourself from them. If you notice that you are surrounded by toxic people, get yourself out of the situation! If someone takes time to put you down, they are below you and not worth your time.
January 10th, 2016 8:19pm
You can acknowledge that our emotions and reactions only stem from us. No person is perfect, so you will be hurt by someone that cares about you at some point in your life. The real challenge and triumph is to realize this and change the way we think about our lives and our surroundings. It will help things "roll off you back" more easily. Also, it will be easier to look at tough situations as a time to learn, and not as something negative we have to go through.
January 10th, 2016 9:11pm
Get away from the ones that hurt you, stay away from them. If they don't show you that they care about your feelings, then they will think a lone, they still have feelings, and they'll eventually feel what have they been doing. If they don't. Then they are not worth your time.
January 13th, 2016 5:30pm
I love myself more cause no one deserves to be sad ... feeling lost and sad is normal so I also need to give myself time
January 16th, 2016 4:48am
Distancing yourself from them and cutting ties may be the best course of action here. If they don't care about your feelings, then will continue to hurt you as long as you are around them.