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Positivity & Gratitude

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A Big Warm Welcome to Everyone Visiting or Joining our Positivity & Gratitude Community!

Our community aims to spread positive vibes through forum, chatroom & growth path activities for everyone to grow and move forward in life.

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  Welcomes & Connections

  Positive Messages & Reminders

  Insights & Positive Experiences

  Cupversaries & Birthdays 

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We have weekly Guided Discussions on:

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We also have Positivity Mini sessions!

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Moving Forward with Positive Focus


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Congratulation Leaders & Lovely Efforts, Team!

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Community Guidelines

Positivity & Gratitude community aims to provide a space to spread positive energy, hoping to inspire everyone on 7cups to grow & move forward in their life.


So here are few things to remember and follow:

 Spread positive vibes only

❤ Everyone is welcome to create threads & participate in the forums mentioned with these notes:

 [Community Use] & [Team & Community Use]

❤ Be respectful and supportive towards everyone

❤ Take good care of yourself

❤ Stay strong, stay hopeful & enjoy!



Forums with the notes mentioned below are open for both thread creation and participation:

[Community Use] & [Team & Community Use]

These forums are open for everyone's use!


Forums with the notes mentioned below are only open for participation:

[Team Use] & [Admin Use]

Please do not create threads here. 

(Threads created here will be moved to other forums)


These guidelines are specific to the Positivity & Gratitude Community. We kindly request you to follow them, as well as the basic Forum Guidelines. as they are to ensure clarity, positivity & safety for everyone!

Community Resources

7 Cups Self-Help Guides related to Positivity & Gratitude



❤ Getting Unstuck


 Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Exercise Motivation


Also here is a guide for all the Searching Souls: 7 Cups for the Searching Soul

Check out more Self-Help Guides Here


7 Cups Mindfulness Exercises related to Positivity & Gratitude (Under or Approx 15 Minutes)

❤ Acceptance ❤ 

Acceptance of Thoughts and Feelings - Part 1

Acceptance of Thoughts and Feelings - Part 2

❤ Joy 


Happiness at Work


❤ Power and Change 

Positive Change

My Intentions Have Infinite Organizing Power

Ten-Minute Wisdom Meditation

The Secret of Attraction

❤ Love & Compassion 

Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving the World

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Self-Compassion Break

❤ Imagination 

The Five Minute Miracle - Imagination

Feeling Excitement

Eating a Piece of Chocolate

❤ Self-Esteem Assistance 

Self-Esteem Blackboard

❤ Motivational 

Change Yourself - Don't Wait for the World to Change

Aging with Integrity

Risk and Planning for Success

Sport Motivation

Hot Air Balloon Motivation 

❤ Energizing 

Energizing the Body and Mind

❤ Relaxation 

Lotus Flower Relaxation

Sunrise On the Beach Mindfulness 

Tropical Garden Mindfulness

Bouncing Ball Mindfulness 

Cloud Castles

Magic Bubbles 

Magical Forest

Rainbow Sandbox Mindfulness

❤ Guided Meditations 

Guided Forgiveness Meditation

Guided Meditation: "A Moment of Calm"

Guided Meditation: "Coming Home to Presence"

Guided Meditation: "Living, Vivid Hereness"

Guided Meditation: Metta (Loving kindness)

Guided Meditation for Love & Positivity

❤ Meditations 

Living Carefree

Ten-Minute Wisdom Meditation

Check out more Mindfulness Exercises Here


7 Cups Questions & Answers related to Positivity & Gratitude


Getting Unstuck:



Exercise Motivation:


Check out our Forum on Additional Positivity Resources (Outside 7 Cups)

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