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Welcome Sheila & Treg, Our Community Managers!

September 9, 2013

If you haven't already, please meet Sheila & Treg, our Community Managers! 


Sheila and Treg have been listeners on 7 Cups of Tea from the very start of our endeavor to make the internet more human. When it comes to compassion, understanding, and friendly support, both have been exemplary in their service. We couldn't think of a better way to help our listener community thrive than by having two of our veteran listeners join the staff of 7 Cups of Tea!

So you might be wondering, what exactly does a Community Manager do?

Some of the responsibilities that Sheila and Treg share:

  • Make sure 7 Cups of Tea continues to have high quality, responsive, and friendly listeners available throughout the day
  • Provide support to our listener community when they have questions
  • Bring feedback and recommendations from the community straight to our product development team

With hundreds of listeners already on board, and more signing up every day, we're excited to have Sheila and Treg in the ranks, helping us to grow with and learn from our amazing cohort of listeners.

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