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Believe In Yourself, My Friend

October 15, 2014

Believe In Yourself, My Friend

A Poem For The Community

By Mentor: Samc95xc


You have the Sun that shines every morning,
The Moon that says hi every night.
The Air you breathe in
Or the Breeze that can make you cry
We are all suffers of pain
But haven’t you heard notion
No Pain no Gain
So take the Cross on your shoulder and let’s just dance together in the Rain
One must adore the Beauty she has inside
Or the Strength that he bore in his arms
To find the beauty of the nature beside
When the pain starts giving cramps
We are all suffers of In-Justice
Cause Life is hard on us
But we always have a Choice to make
To Flee or to Fight back.
You all are Warriors I know
The Elite of the Seals
They who fight the Battles of others
Fighting yours within.
Believe in Yourself my friend
To explore things you can do beyond
You are a child of the world
And there is Nothing that can resist you become
Be a Phoenix that Rises from the fall
And Win till the game lasts
For life is too Short to Prove yourself
Before the Clock dead stops.