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10 Self Improvement Steps (Part 1)

February 9, 2016

#1: Use your energy on important things

If you want to succeed in life, it is recommended that you do not waste your energy on activities that do not bring benefits.

Examples of such activities include surfing the Internet without any purpose, watching TV, excessively worrying and wasting money.

When you are involved in such activities, you have little energy left for activities that can create a better future. It is worth prioritizing and accomplishing important tasks first.  Then, if you still have enough energy, you may decide to do tasks which are less important.


#2: Focus on one task at a time

If you want to achieve your best results, you could try to concentrate on one activity at a time. This way, the majority of your energy will go into it and you have a better chance of performing to the best of your ability. If you divide your energy among multiple activities, you are less likely to perform to the best of your ability because you will divide your energy between the activities.



#3: Control your thinking

To avoid chaos in your mind that leads to a lack of control of one’s situation, it is recommended that you try to observe your thoughts.

Once you start doing this, you will notice a wide range of thoughts. By observing negative thinking, you will have a better chance to emotionally disengage from it. As a result, negative thinking will affect you less and you are likely to notice that your days are becoming more peaceful and positive.

#4: Get organized

When you live in an organized manner, you are less likely to suffer from stress and your life is more likely to be peaceful and balanced.

To begin living this way, it is recommended that you start planning your day in advance. This will help reduce stress caused by being late to a meeting or forgetting to complete some task.

It is also encouraged to keep your life organized because by keeping your home clean and organized, for example, you are able to spend your mental energy elsewhere which may help you to feel more calm.  This may help you to improve your memory and experience less negativity.


#5: Live in the present

Although this self improvement activity may seem strange to you, it is a very important activity that many ignore. The majority of people do not live in the present. They either dwell on their past or daydream about the future. They seem to forget the most important time of all - the present.

Enjoy every present moment because your current state of mind can manifest in the outside world, creating your future accordingly.


Written by: TruthPrevails

Edited by: Jake & Amelia

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