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5 Scientific Reasons to Hug!

December 25, 2016



             Why you should hug more often


Do you have twenty seconds? Because that’s the little time it takes to give someone a good hug. Most of us like giving and receiving hugs. In fact, on average, people spend an hour a month hugging. It’s a way to show our affection to someone and makes us have a warm feeling in our hearts after all. But did you know that they’re actually psychological benefits of hugging? Are you curious and want to know more? Then, keep on reading!


    1.   It increases levels of oxytocin

If you don’t know what oxytocin is, it’s a ”love hormone” that acts on the brain’s emotional center. Oxytocin reduces your anxiety, stress and makes you feel happier overall.This hormone has also been known to help couples become closer, to relieve physical pain and has even helped people reduce their cravings for sweets, alcohol, and drugs. So if you have a headache or you’re stressed about school, just give someone a hug and you’ll feel better.


    2.   It boosts your immune system

According to research from Carnegie Mellon University. Hugging enhances your immune system. Most of us know that there are many stress-related health problems such as heart disease, asthma, accelerated aging and in extreme cases, premature death. Which is why we should avoid excessive stress. And, as we mentioned earlier, hugs reduce stress. Support can act as a barrier against the illnesses written above and much more.


     3. Well hugged babies become less stressed as adults

If you want to make a difference and help the next generation, then hugging is a quick and easy way to do so! Emory University made an experiment with rats. The scientists had found out that as adults, the small rodents who had been cuddled with had lower levels of a stress hormone than those who weren’t. These researchers believe that the same thing happens with humans. So hug babies as much as you can! You never know, they may thank you later.


     4. It reduces your fear of death

We all know that as living beings, there will be a time when we will pass away. Some people are completely okay with that. However, there are others, such as myself who are scared of it. If you’re one of those people, fear not! Touch, such as hugging, has been proven to help individuals deal with existential fears. Whether you hug a teddy bear or a person, it will help.


    5.  It helps our hearts

When you hug someone, it not only warms your heart, it also lowers your heart rate. In a study, some participants were asked to hug their partners meanwhile some didn’t. Those who weren’t embraced had their heart raced increase by ten a minute. That’s twice as much as those who were!


In conclusion, I hope that this article made you realize how important hugs are. Next time you think that you’re hugging a person for too long, just remember that a hug a day keeps the problems away!




Written by: JustALover

Edited and finalized by: TheThomas