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2015 Poetry Competition Winner!

May 5, 2015

We are excited to announce the first ever 7 Cups poetry contest winner! Below please find a beautiful poem written by our listener BloomingFlower03! We <3 this poem and how it represents the strenght we all have as individuals and as a community! Thank you to all 200 applicants who submitted a poem! It was a very tough decision. We were completely blown away by the amount of creativity and diversity in our community! 



I Wouldn't Say it, But it Hurt

Written by: @BloomingFlower03

I wouldn't say it, but it hurt:

Feeling as if I was the enemy

Stepping on shards of broken glass

And losing my way into the shadows.


I wouldn't say it, but it stung:

Battling depression on my own

As if I was the lowest being on Earth

And forced to find other life.


I wouldn't say it, but it burned:

Every bridge I ever made

Either by myself or with strength

Only to be forced to swim without safety.


I wouldn't say it, but it helped:

A small website with the unique name

7 cups of tea

That would eventually become my home.


I wouldn't say it, but it stopped:

The feeling of always being alone

Finally un-invisible to others

And able to start a new slate


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