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10 Self Improvement Steps (Part 2)

February 18, 2016

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#6: Complete each task in a perfect manner

Whenever you are working on a project, try to accomplish it in the best way possible. Always ask yourself “Is this project turned out as perfect as it could possibly be?” If the answer is no, try to correct or add something to it until there is nothing that you can improve.

Also, when you entirely focus on one task excluding everything else, you will sometimes notice that you start enjoying the task more. If you concentrate on the task but still do not enjoy it, that means that you probably see the task as a means to an end rather than the process.

You could start focusing on the process itself to find enjoyment in the task. Such enjoyment may fuel motivation and thn can usually accomplish things faster and at a higher quality.

If you enjoy your work, you can put only positive energy into it. As a result, your completed tasks will most often bring you success.

#7: Challenge yourself

Nothing develops you more than challenges. Challenges force you to shift your comfort zone, experience new situations and make you grow. Without challenges life would be very boring and depressing.

Challenges are necessary for every human being who is seeking a quality life. Only through trial and error you realize who you really are.

#8: Read personal development books

There is nothing more important than finding information about self improvement. There are many books that can help you to improve on whatever it is you may want to. Look at your local book store for these types of books.


#9: Socialize only with positive people

Positive people can inspire, empower and make you happy. It is worth so much to be with positive people rather than constantly spend time with negative friends or relatives.

If you spend your days with lazy people, you may notice that you become increasingly lazy.

If all your friend’s main qualities are negative, try to avoid all of them. This way you will not be affected in a negative way and after some time will start attracting positive people.

#10: Exercise

Daily exercise develops determination, focus and patience. It improves your health and strengthens your body. It makes you more active, positive and invincible.

People who exercise every day are often perceived as strong-willed and disciplined.


Written by: TruthPrevails

Edited by: Jake & Amelia

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