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7 Cups Travels the World: Using Your Listening Skills On The Go

May 28, 2014

G’ day All!

As most of you know I love 7 Cups of Tea and am more online than offline! However, lately I haven’t shown my face around much. The reason for this is that I am currently working and traveling in Australia! Being a new Ambassador, I still wanted to be part of 7 Cups while away and I thought it might be fun if I’d write a blog about my adventures here: “ 7 Cups Travels the World: Ambassadors Trip to Another Country and How Her Listening Skills Were Culturally Universal”.

I knew I could certainly write about this topic. I mean, being on the other side of the world doesn’t mean I won’t take chats anymore! And all the cool people I would meet here, I would get the opportunity to listen to their interesting stories. There is absolutely no reason why I couldn’t use my listening skills on this trip!

My first impression of Australia was how nice and friendly everyone is. It feels like the entire country has completed the active listening training on 7 Cups! When I arrived, my bank card wasn’t working and the people here were very helpful. They listened to my story and empathized with the little mental breakdown that was about to happen. Although they couldn’t actually help me with my card, I felt like they cared about me!

But how did I use my listening skills so far?

Since I have been on my trip I haven’t had time to take many chats on 7 Cups. I am busy working most of the day and a computer is not always available. WIFI is on and off and quite frankly, at the end of the day I am just tired! Of what? Well, of listening!

As an au pair, you would guess that kids would need to listen to me, but I feel like it is me who is doing all the listening! So instead of them doing what I have politely asked them to do, I listen. I listen to the lovely little Aussie accent of a 4 year old girl as she explains how she doesn’t want to finish her breaky because there needs to be some left overs to give to the chickens. And if the chickens don’t get the leftovers, they don’t have enough food. If they do not have enough food, they aren’t going to be able to lay eggs! By not eating, she is providing us with more eggs and if she is still hungry she can always have a bickie later! Nice story hmm?

So of course, I tell her that I would really like her to finish her breakfast, because she needs all the energy for school, which is followed by “ YOU DON’T LISTEN TO ME!” Oh no! I think my listening skills are fading already!

A big thanks to 7 Cups for not allowing cheeky 4 year olds to be members! Despite this, I love listening to the stories of a little girl, her confidence amazes me!

This is most of the listening I do these days. Along with listening to grown-ups occasionally as well.  We discuss all the beautiful things I should see while in Australia. I hope to meet a lot of people while I’m here and listen to their interesting stories. And hopefully I will have a couple of stories of my own that you might all want to listen to… you do know how much I like to talk! :)

By 7 Cups Ambassador,