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5 Unconventional Ways to Combat Anxiety

December 4, 2014


We all know that feeling when anxiety begins to creep over us.

The feelings of worry, of not being good enough, and the feeling of overwhelm that washes over us like a tidal wave.

There’s a lot of anxiety triggers out there, and at times it can seem like there just isn’t a way to beat the odds. Let alone get through an entire day without having to worry about what we look like, while we are worrying about what we look like. It can be beyond frustrating. But there are a lot of different creative things we can do to battle the seven headed hydra that anxiety pretends to be.


-------> Here are 5 coping mechanisms and tips I hope you find helpful on your journey to defeating anxiety.


1. A Game Plan

Sometimes we need to have a game plan to know how to win the game. It may take the form of a list of whatever stressors and triggers are in your life or it could take the form of anything else you can imagine. The important thing is to find out what those stressors are so you can work towards strategies to work through them.


2. A Box 

The box is important and even fun to make. What you do is put everything that you love in it. Whether it’s snacks, music that keeps you calm, a favorite TV series, a journal, or even a worn out sweater and you put them inside. Whenever anxiety starts to wear away at your edges or just becomes too much. Go get your box and dig in. The important thing is to have fun with it. Get lost in the good times and the anxiety will drift away.


3. A Glitter Jar

I know it sounds weird.

But a jar filled with gooey glitter glue and extra bottles of glitter dumped in can help a ton. Why? It gives you something to focus on and it keeps you mindful of the things that are happening within you. And mindfulness can help you recognize when you are going to have an anxiety attack before it happens. So a glitter jar is a lot more than pretty sparkles floating around. It’s a great way to promote focus and introspection of your emotions.


4. Write Something

Writing is one of the best ways to work through emotions. It can help when having anxiety attacks. Whenever you need to just grab some pages a go. You can write in a journal and vent your feelings away. You can practice positive thought processes and start a gratitude journal.  Or you can channel all of those experiences and all of those feelings into a novella and become an author. It’s all up to you.


5. Selfhelp Apps!

There are tons of other things out there that you can do to help you cope with anxiety. If you have a cell phone, there are Apps made specifically to help. iCBT, helps you manage your thoughts and work through them towards positive outcomes. Windy, allows you to just listen to nature for a while and get lost in the sounds of the wind blowing through different landscapes. SAM, is a social network and monitoring tool to manage how you are feeling and to connect with others.


Whatever ideas you choose, I hope you use creativity when battling your anxiety. I hope you experiment and dabble with paints, sling ink, battle monsters, and get lost in an amazing story. You never know what kind of adventure you’ll have. But whatever it is, I hope you make it a good one.


Written by Listener: Remnantshadow