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2015 PB Award Winner: Pali!

July 7, 2015

The PB award is a special award given once per year to a community leader who has gone above and beyond to support, honor and advance the 7 Cups community. This person is a firm believer in the mission of 7 Cups!

This year, we am very excited to give this special award out to our ambassador, Pali!

Pali joined our community in February of 2014 and dove right in! She focused heavily on her member chats and building relationships with her fellow listeners. She was an early champion of the 7 Cups welcoming team, often welcoming hundreds of new listeners every week!

Already showing wonderful leadership and community initiative, it was an easy decision to invite Pali to the 7 Cups mentor team in the Spring of 2014. As a mentor, Pali embodied what it means to be a leader and approachable mentor. In this role she worked heavily with the teen listener community, supporting projects which advanced teen listener quality and teen leadership. Additionally, she became the leader of the quality mentor track and badge teams. All of her projects aimed to improve listener quality and using the community to execute and support her projects. She embraced her role, walked towards difficult challenges and problems and continued to keep a smile on her face.

Ready to solve problems and continue to be a community leader, Pali joined us as an ambassador in the summer of 2014. One of the first things Pali did as an ambassador was organize the 7 Cups First Birthday party last summer!

All of Pali’s leadership project have one common purpose to advance the mission of 7 Cups and encourage every community member to be their best. We are so excited to have Pali as a member of our Ambassador team and are thrilled to honor her work by giving her the PB badge!

Pali, thank you for making 7 Cups your home, helping to build a supportive culture, problem solving and actively walking towards challenging situations. We love your ability to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. We are so proud of you and are excited to spend another year working along side you!

Please join us in congratulating Pali in the 7 Cups forums!