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7 Cups Communities

7 Cups offers a variety of communities to provide support and personal connection. From this central hub, you can explore and join new communities and get updates from the communities you subscribe to. We are glad you are here.

Newbie Hub

14 Forums


Fun Icebreakers & Games
259 Threads | 10456 Posts | Last post 4 minutes ago

Our Vision for a Better World

Our mission, goals, and how we can work together to make the world a better place.
41 Threads | 495 Posts | Last post 18 minutes ago

Welcome & Introductions to 7 Cups!

you've joined 7 Cups! We can't wait to get to know you
7131 Threads | 98015 Posts | Last post 44 minutes ago

Support Room 24/7 Project

Updates from the Support Room 24/7 Team
22 Threads | 330 Posts | Last post 17 hours ago

Anxiety Support

17 Forums

Anxiety Support - Share Your Story/How do you feel right now?

Let us know your experiences/how you're feeling and get some support!
4100 Threads | 23656 Posts | Last post 1 hour ago

Check-In Threads

Check-in with the community everyday! Give updates
1799 Threads | 33357 Posts | Last post 7 hours ago

Creative Space: Icebreakers, Games & Forum Activities

Welcome to the Anxiety Support Community! Let us get to know you!
689 Threads | 23858 Posts | Last post 12 hours ago

Anxiety Q&A

Do you have a GENERAL question about Anxiety? Press "create a new thread" and Ask it here! For PERSONAL questions, go to Share Your Story!
845 Threads | 5635 Posts | Last post 24 hours ago

Depression Support

14 Forums

Daily Check-ins

Depression community check-in & let us know how you are doing today!
2228 Threads | 62438 Posts | Last post 1 hour ago


Welcome to our sub-community! Meet and greet here!
840 Threads | 6551 Posts | Last post 2 hours ago

Teen Depression

A place for teens to connect with other teens who live with depression.
373 Threads | 1436 Posts | Last post 10 hours ago

Depression Q&A

Do you have a question about Depression and how you experience depression ? Create a Thread And Ask our Community?
860 Threads | 8525 Posts | Last post 12 hours ago