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Do I Need Therapy?


How many times have you asked yourself this question? What caused you to ask this question? Your circumstances? Your feelings? Perhaps feeling a little unfulfilled? All of these and many more are why some of us attend therapy. Therapy is a process, it may feel daunting at first but it can really empower you to make positive change in your life too. The reasons why we attend therapy can vary and of course the outcomes of therapy can vary too as we all are individuals.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling low and anxious lately?

Depressed and feeling sad?

Relationship Issues?

Issues from your childhood?


Reach out today to a therapist, whether that is face to face or online. Think about what works for you and what you require from therapy. Do you want someone you can message online and discuss your issues or is the face to face interaction really important for you? Do you want someone based close to your home? Male or Female?

What type of therapist is right for me?

Just like therapy is a process so is finding the right therapist for you. There are many different therapists out there with all sorts of different qualifications and experience so alongside qualifications it is also important to find the right match for you. Think about the qualities you like in a person and write those down. Attend a consultation face to face or online with the therapist and by all means ask them questions! That is what they are there for. Above all, go away from the initial consultation feeling supported and understood.

Then you know that you have found the right therapist for you. Now, you need to think about the approaches you want… person-centred, psychoanalytical, cognitive behavioural therapy? Research each type and write down a list of the benefits of each and compare these against a list of your own goals for therapy and give it a try!

What kind of person goes to therapy?

ALL types of people go to therapy! Even therapists go to therapy, I know I have and it is enlightening. Therapy is self-care and only by caring for ourselves can we care for others. There is not a set type of person that goes to therapy and again people see a therapist for many reasons. If you’re thinking of making the step today to talk to someone, you are not alone and millions all over the world are reaching out too.

Written By 7 Cups Therapist: Lisa Wilson BSc Psychology (Hons) Cog Dip CBT @OceanCounseling