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6 Super Easy Mindfulness Practices to Charge Your Life with Bliss

February 27, 2015


We often hear that enjoy every moment of this beautiful life. Nobody will deny the fact that we want to enjoy! Yes! we want to be happy, always! Nobody loves stress. However, we have work pressures, deadlines, traffic, and noise, social media, and everyday changing technology.


Mindfulness practice has the answer to our search for bliss in the demanding life and tight hectic schedules!


What is Mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is being aware, being present in every moment. Being present means neither past nor future. It seems very difficult to practice if we decide not to think about past and future. However, it is very simple to learn and experience, staying in the present!
  • You don’t need to change your beliefs for practicing mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness can become the part of your daily routine and life, if practiced with commitment.


Here are 6 easy steps to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life!


When our mind is totally involved in the work we do, we really enjoy it. Our stress vanishes and that moment becomes a blissful memory.


1. Mindful Breathing

  • Daily sit relaxed in a quiet place for some minutes.
  • Observe your natural breathing.
  • Notice the natural rhythm in the breathing for 2-3 minutes. Don’t try to focus, just try to observe that how breathing goes fast sometimes and slows down naturally.
  • Observe how oxygen enters your nostril, brain and body. And how it exhales.


2. Practice Self-Care and Self-Love Mindfully

  • Bestow care and love for yourself. Yes! When you learn to love yourself the way you love others, this world, you become a better human.
  • Give full attention to everything you do for yourself! Here are some examples: 
  1. Face cleaning and massage
  2. Beauty care
  3. Massaging hair with full love
  4. Drinking your favorite beverage, enjoying every sip you drink just because you love it
  5. Eating your favorite food
  • Carry out all these acts mindfully, you’ll discover the hidden beauty within you, you have ignored so far!
  • Let your face, your hands, your palms, your legs, your body and mind feel cared.
  • Perform all the care activities with love and compassion just like the way you love to offer others.


3. Accept and Heal Physical Pains Mindfully

  • Experience the physical pains you are going through, for some moments. Accept it and then, try to heal it. Yes! It sounds weird, but give some time to listen to your body.
  • Your body says something to you that you are hungry, you are thirsty, you are tired and now you need sleep, you are worried and now you need to take deep breath, you have worked hard for a long time and now you need some relaxing moments.
  • Listen to those bodily senses, mindfully and treat them well mindfully.
  • Accept wounds and pains if you have any.
  • Heal all your wounds from small to chronic pain. Take proper treatment whenever needed.
  • Let your body feel happy!  


4. Accept and Heal Wounds of The Mind, With The Power of The Mind   

  • Don’t avoid the wounds of the heart.
  • Experience the pain your mind is feeling, for some moments. Accept and decide to heal them. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, and grief; let them go!
  • If you are feeling happy, enjoy it consciously.
  • If you are excited, enjoy those moments mindfully.
  • Give some time to mindfulness experience and some time to distract from the pain. In the end, you’ll be victorious.
  • Don’t try to run away from them, they are there in your mind and your mind is the best healer.
  • Having those heartaches in life isn’t anything wrong; you shouldn’t feel guilty for them. Experiencing the pain will reduce its intensity gradually.


5. Build Strong Bond of Love in Your Relationships by Mindful Compassion

  • Connect with relationships with kind words, soulful acts, and a heart full of love.
  • Listen to your loved ones carefully; develop active listening skills. You can learn active listening skills by the active listening guide at 7 Cups of Tea.
  • Giving full consideration to what others are saying will make them feel valued.
  • Care for everybody around you.
  • Give a simple smile to friends and strangers.
  • Make others smile. Brighten up someone’s day.
  • Be compassionate; help others. Even if sometimes we can’t offer any help, just being kind makes people feel better.
  • Your simple smile, small motivation, random act of kindness can change the life of others.


6. Enjoy Nature Mindfully

  • Notice the birds around you; listen to them. Observe the beauty of birds.
  • Notice the changes happening in nature with season change. Notice their hidden beauty.
  • Observe lakes, oceans, waves, their stillness, and their movements. Listen to the music ocean waves create.
  • Enjoy the daily growth of plants.
  • Enjoy fragrance of flowers.


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Written by 7 Cups of Tea Listener: CaringSmiles20