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PB Award Annoucement

July 7, 2014

Today is a special day because it is officially our 1 year anniversary. It is also a very special day because today we celebrate the PB Award, which is the highest honor a listener can earn. The PB award is named after the first big believer in 7 Cups of Tea – Paul Buchheit (PB). PB is mostly known as the creator of Gmail and the person responsible for their early motto “do no evil.” Most people do not know that he has the keen ability to see through to the essence of things. He often uses this ability to help make the world a better place.  He immediately saw the potential of 7 Cups and was instrumental in our initial success. For these reasons, and several more, today we celebrate the awarding of the PB badge to a very special person – Lukas Jahn.

I asked the community to describe Lukas. The response was overwhelming. A big thank you to Chandra and Pali for collecting these from our community. I can’t include all of them here, but wanted to select a few that I thought really captured Lukas.

Lukas is a wonderful and kind person. I see him around the forums and in the chatroom a lot, and I'm always amazed at how much he contributes to 7cups. It wouldn't be the same without him here, and I'm super happy that he's being recognized for the hard work and dedication he has for 7cups!

Lukas, thanks for being an amazing listener, mentor, and ambassador! I really appreciate all the work you put into being available in the chat room, processing requests for listener level-ups, being active in the forums, and probably a whole ton more of behind-the-scenes work that we’re not aware of. Your dedication and energy is amazing, thank you for making this a wonderful experience for all of us!


I’d like to give a shout out to Lukas! He’s kind, caring and attentive. He’d never left one of my questions go unanswered, he tries really hard to make everyone feel welcomed and is really one of the faces I saw most often when I first joined. I cannot say how thankful I am for having him around but I’m pretty sure a lot of others can echo my words: Lukas, you are the living example of what this site stands for! Thank you!


Lukas does so many things for this site that most people don't even know about! Lukas is such a humble guy that you wouldn't even know all the hard work that he puts into this site.


Thanks Lukas for being so engaged with the 7 cups community and for everything you do for all of us, you are an amazing part of this. I know how hard he works and it's very appreciated, we are not the same without him! I also have the pleasure of being his friend, he is a great, caring and funny person and its always nice talking with him. Always remember how awesome you are Lukas! Once again thank you! <3


You can quickly see the themes and characteristics that readily emerge from these comments. Lukas is kind, compassionate, hard-working, thoughtful and humble. Iara captured it “Lukas, you are the living example of what this site stands for!”

Lukas, I remember when you first signed up to be a listener. I was so excited we had someone from Germany! You were one of our very first international listeners. During that time, we were still figuring out a lot of things. You kept stepping up and making recommendations. It was clear that you were really thinking – applying yourself – on how to make 7 cups better so we could help more people. That level of engagement has only grown. I’ve learned a lot from you. We all have. Perhaps the main thing we have learned is the power of being a kind and compassionate person. Thank you, Lukas!

Written & Compiled By: Glen Moriarty